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Flareon Day - 2019

by Firox

01 - 10 -Flareon Day.jpg
Firox (I know I'm a bit late, did finished the sketch on time - shared it on my Deviant Art - here I'm sharing the finished art)

Happy Flareon Day!!
January 10th!! 2019

this year including my four fox kits in costume

the top where the Flarey Day is trying to make it fun and different
a Flarey ear starts the F - fluffy tail finishes the Y
some flares are in between to form the R
a set of Flarey paws trying to steal the L

for the art itself:
• the Flarey on the far back, taking a nap curled around its own tail, rubbing head on the fur
"its my fluffy pllow" - hope its good dreams
(if I where to dedicate a Flarey to a friend, than this one would be for @Toast the flareon

below it,
• a sleepy Flarey napping while hugging another tail

heading back towards couch
• a younger Flarey just messing around with the ear of resting Firox

• Firox just being extra lazy, one resting on its belly - another brushing ear, what could be better
oh yeah, others are making cookies

on the front row,
• pink furred Flower Flareon is helping to bake cookies, she has the mixing bowl and spoon
already measured sugar sifted - waiting on the rest of the ingredients

to her left
• a shiny helper Flarey is messing with the bag of sugar instead of helping
having a fun time with the sugar doesn't even seem to notice (or care) that its getting its tail hugged
it will likely be super hyper active shiny to catch later on
"mmm, airy sweet sugar!!"

in the final art they will be drawn in a Flareon costume - all wearing a yellow beanie to resemble Flareon's head tuft
you can tell on some of them (harder to hide some details in costume or temporary fur dye
now onto the young ones in the art:
• Zorro the Vulpix in the far back, with the Flarey on the couch is playing with the long tail
(I think I made it too big for a Vulpix kit... hard to fix certain angles

• Zai the Fennekin also on the far back admiring the Flarey playing with the other's ear
"looks fun, can it be my turn next?"

on the very front
• Rose the Zorua tapping Flower's back kind of saying happily
"I have the chocolate chips!!"

• Fiona the Eevee kind of holding onto the bag of flour, ready to help
"mom, how much more flour?"

and couldn't leave out my Eevee friend, its inspiration made me continue drawing and sharing with all - [​IMG]
• ? being lazy too, relaxing on Firox, stretching paws out, knowing that cookies will be ready soon
  1. Firox
    @Jodie.xox thanks, - I usually do all on paper and pencil first, scan it on my laptop and finish it with SAI - just share it on DA and here, couple of other places for others to see

    thanks you, I know it's late, love it, wanted to make it different from my previous Flarey Day
    Jan 22, 2019
    PrincessPika and Jodie.xox like this.
  2. Jodie.xox
    Your art is cute, and well drawn on DeviantArt! Flareon day! :D
    Jan 22, 2019
    PrincessPika and Firox like this.