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Flame and Chrome's Adventure Chapter 1: Beginnings

by Flame the Trainer

Flame the Trainer This is a story of their adventures. You guys can add characters for the next adventure and what it will be. Since this is the first one I will be doing it all, but the rest will be made by you guys!

Since these are my main to OC's I wont be doing a Form for them. If you want to say the next adventure, then just say it, but make sure you say its the next adventure or something like that.
Flame was going to Chrome's house when a storm hit. They were in the middle of the storm, a portal appeared and a person said for them to go through it. They went through and they were in another Dimension.
"Woah, what is this?" Flame asked.
"No clue, looks like an adventure." Chrome said.
"Looks like it, looks like there are more portals." Flame said pointing.
"There are more." Chrome said in response.
"Should we explore first or go in one?" Flame asked.
"Why do i have all the answers?" Chrome said.
"No clue, just want to include you." Flame said.
"Oh well, lets explore first." Chrome said. So they went to explore and found interesting things, but there was nothing left to see so they decided to go through the first portal.
"Drannamo!" Flame said jumping in.
"Why are you jumping in it?" Chrome said walking in it. So they went to another place.