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First Impressions

by Iggy

Chapter One (Jase): Kept Ghosts
Misdreavus was hovering above her Pokémon food that I had made for her; she sniffed it and tentatively took a bite from one kibble. She’s used to eating the Pokémon food my sister cooks, but recently I started to make Misdreavus’s food since we’re about to go on our journey together. I want her to get used to my cooking, but it seems that she finds my food incredibly mediocre. After finishing her first few kibbles, Misdreavus looked over at me and smiled. I looked up from my plate, and also smiled.
“You’ll have to get used to eating my food,” I laughed. “We’ll be going on our journey soon, so-”
“Wait, don’t get ahead of yourself, Jase,” My sister interrupted, she scoffed, “You still-”
“Téa! Don’t get ahead of myself? Really? I’m fifteen; I am not getting ahead of myself! I’m behind by five years, most-”
“Well, we aren’t most families, now are we?” She cut me off, and added, “You know what I mean by ‘don’t get ahead of yourself’; you’re not ready. You need to prepare for your journey.”
Misdreavus suddenly let out a blood-curling cry that shattered the vase of flowers in the center of the dinner table. My sister and I quickly covered our ears, but that did little to protect us. As my sister was about to yell, Misdreavus stopped, and glowered at the both of us; she hates it when people argue.
“Misdreavus…” I lowered my head, and across the table my sister sighed.
“Sorry about that, Misdreavus.” She stood from her chair and sent out her Gardevoir, “Gardevoir, use Psychic to dispose of the shards, and flowers, please.”
“Devoir.” Gardevoir nodded; her eyes began to glow pink and every shard and flower began to float in the air with a pinkish hue around their perimeters. Gardevoir walked out of the dining room and into the kitchen where she threw away all the debris from Misdreavus’s cry.
My sister looked past me through the large bay window, and said, “I have an idea. Tomorrow, you should talk with that odd man. What was his name? He’s the professor.”
I saw Misdreavus was eating her food again, I shifted my head towards my sister, who had an impatient look on her face, “Juniper. Professor Juniper. He’s not that weird.” I replied monotonously.
“Yeah, okay.” Téa narrowed her eyes, “Anyways, I think you should ask him if you’re ready, and let him give some kind of test to really see if you’re capable of a journey.”
“Yeah!” I jumped out of my chair and suddenly felt pumped, “I could do that! And then that will prove to you that I’m ready to go!” I ran out of the dining room, and through the living room. I accidently ran into a side table that had a picture of my mom and dad, it would have fallen and shattered had it not been for Gardevoir’s Psychic. “O-oh, thank you, Gardevoir!” I felt uncomfortable now that all the memories of my parents began to flood into my mind. Gardevoir gently place the picture frame back to its original position. I started to tear up, and I couldn’t help but think that our parents were just ghosts that we kept alive in our memory…
“Drea! Dreavus!” Misdreavus tugged at my hair, and motioned me to go on.
“Ow!” I grabbed my head, and walked up the staircase to my room. Once I entered my room I sat down at my desk, and stared out the window with the view of Nuvema Town. Nothing really happens here; I always feel confined here. I miss the beach at Slateport. I miss my family’s farm near the city. I sighed heavily watching a few Pidove playing with each other.
“Drea, dreavus!” I turned around to face Misdreavus’s call. She was enthusiastically circling above her Poké Ball, indicating that she wanted to go to our usual hangout.
“Alright!” I smiled, “Let’s go, then!” I got up and grabbed her a Poké Ball. We both sprinted out the room, down the stairs, and almost out the door, but I lost balance and slammed into Gardevoir while she was trimming a bonsai.
“Devoir!” Gardevoir screamed.
I could hear Misdreavus snickering behind me. I stood up, and helped Gardevoir.
“Sorry Gardevoir; I’m so clumsy!” I apologized. Gardevoir began to laugh, showing that everything was okay.
“I can’t leave you by yourself for two minutes, because you just break everything!” Téa walked into the living room making erratic gestures in every direction. She narrowed her eyes. “Where are you going, Jase?” She inquired.
I was shocked that she could tell that I was going somewhere. “Nowhere! I just ran into Gardevoir!”
My sister made an irritated face, and walked up to me; I was beginning to get nervous. She sat down on the closest seat to me, and said while shaking her head, “You’re terrible liar. Just like Dad.” She scoffed, and continued, “I don’t know if you remember, but he always got really nervous when he wasn’t telling the truth.” She grinned. Blood rushed to my face; I felt like she was spitting venom.
“I-” Misdreavus’s snickering interrupted me. Misdreavus was one of my dad’s Pokémon; in fact, his favorite. Misdreavus stopped snickering and glanced at me. “Misdreavus, and I are going to the clearing in the woods.”
My sister scoffed again, and rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I know. Alright, but be back before noon; I want you to talk to Juniper, okay?” She smiled.
“Fine, fine. I’ll be back soon.” I faced Gardevoir who was politely listening to the conversation, “Again, I’m sorry.”
She smiled and nodded, “Devoir.”
I opened the front door and walked out with Misdreavus. As I was walking out, I turned around, and saw that my sister and Gardevoir laughing with each other. I smiled, and grabbed Misdreavus from the air.
“Drea! Dreavus!” She pursed her mouth- she wasn’t expecting that.
I brought her to my chest, and hugged her, “Misdreavus, no road will be too long as long as you’re with me.”