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Fire Eagle: Fire Eagle

by Fire Eagle

Fire Eagle part 2.
Last time we meet Nature Eagle, Electric Eagle, and Water Eagle and had an epic battle with Aura Eagle. This time we're trying to find out exactly WHAT is making those huge abnormal earthquakes. The first one was normal, then the second was a bit odd, then it was definitely abnormal the tenth time around. And so we set out to find out exactly what was making them. We asked the town folk but they didn't know anything about it. When we finally found the source of the problem can you guess what we found? It was Fire, Nature, Electric, Water, and Aura. But they definitley were not eagles. They looked more like falcons. And so my name for them was... The Frenzied Falcons! And then out of nowhere Aura Eagle dropped out of the sky and in an epic voice said, "I accept your offer!" And started taking down Aura Falcon. And so we took on the Falcons that we could defeat. I took on Nature Falcon, Water Eagle took on Fire Falcon, Nature Eagle took out Water Falcon. And I think that Electric Eagle might have pushed Electric Falcon into Water Falcon. In the end we emerged victorious and now there are 5 more things I had to look out for! >B(
  1. Fire Eagle
    Fire Eagle
    what do you think should happen in part 3? leave your comments or questions here and you might see your ideas in part 3.
    Jun 26, 2015