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Find The Difference: Find The Difference 2

by JayBird Joe

JayBird Joe Imagine this. In the first episode of the Pokémon anime, Ash sees the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh. What if instead he f that, he saw a giant flying SHINY WAILORD instead of Oh-Oh.

Somebody please make that meme. But hey, you have to admit, beach balls and shiny wailmer look alike.
  1. PokeStorm
    Here's a better meme: Shiny Wailmer = Thanos from Marvel. They look so similar it's scary lol.
    Aug 18, 2019
    JayBird Joe likes this.
  2. JayBird Joe
    JayBird Joe
    Aug 16, 2019
  3. Astrapi
    I'd try that meme

    The memest meme that ever memed
    Aug 16, 2019
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