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You + Pokemon: Feraligatr/Typhlosion (SPECIAL): All for Fangs and Flare

by ChampionZ_Pearl

ChampionZ_Pearl Your Feraligatr and Typhlosion are an unstoppable duo in battles. Individually, they're capable and powerful creatures that strike their own kind of ferocity into their opponent's hearts. However, when face to face with one another these two put one another down in fights over little things. It's only your job as their trainer to settle things down before things get out of hand.
*NOTE: Pokemon translation will be put in BOLD :)

*NOTE II: Credit to whoever's art I used for this story.
Hey! I’m (y/n). I’ve been a trainer for a while and when I got to the Johto region I met two special pokemon. From Professor Elm, I met my very first Johto pokemon, Totodile. This girl grew up into a ferocious, feminine, Feraligatr. One of a kind and a sassy one. She was strong and always caring of my emotions. She always wondered if I was okay or if she was doing something wrong. I could never ask for more than her best.

Then, there was a Cyndaquil I met along the way. Abandoned by an abusive trainer to be left out in the rain of the route. I picked him up. Cyndaquil was so protective of itself and cold-hearted because of the abuse and difficult environment. Once he realized I was a good trainer, Cyndaquil stuck with me and ONLY me. Never to be able to work with the other pokemon. Especially Totodile.

Both of these pokemon grew up into monstrous beasts of strengths. Feraligatr’s jaws were strong and could crush anything from steel to utter boulders! Typhlosion was hot and steaming being able to burn down buildings (not that he has) or forests (again not really) with one breath. Fire and Water to clash between. It was hard to keep them under control.

I had decided to let these two try to come into an agreement with a small picnic in the mountains near a river. I only brought these two for a reason. That reason was to clear up the steam of the two of them.

I set up the whole blanket and the meals. Then I throw out the two’s pokeballs and out they come with ferocious roars.


Feraligatr: GAAAAA!!! (FEAR MY FEROCITY!!!)

Me: Hey, you two! Come on let’s munch and eat!

The two look at me with devilish smiles and rush to sit right next to me. They glare at each other and stare at the one spot on my right. Apparently it became a VIP area. They began to yell at each other and scratch and bite at one another. Things were heating up but I stopped them.

Me: Woah woah woah! Feraligatr, Typhlosion! Calm down!

Feraligatr: Toooor? (Calm…?)

Typhlosion: Grrrr? (Down…?)

Me: You both sit in front of me. Equal distance. Equal attention. (smiles)

I move and have myself facing both of them equally. They look at each other and sit. I bring out the food. I take out a large Oran and Pecha berry cake and large bowls of pokemon food. Typhlosion and Feraligatr both stare at it in awe.

Me: Eat your food then cake comes in.

The two beasts look at each other and quickly rush to eat. They gobble their food to reach dessert in record time. They finish at the same time. They glare at each other with snarls. I groan.

Feraligatr: GATOOORRR!!! (I was first!!!)

Typhlosion: GEEERRRGGH!!!( NO I WAS!!!)

Me: Hey Hey Hey! Look!!!

Feraligatr and Typhlosion turn their heads at me and the cake. I grab a small knife and begin to cut the cake. I grab a slice for myself and then split the rest in half. I put the two halves onto large plates and place them by the two pokemon.

Me: See? Just share and split it! Simple and easy.

Feraligatr: Gatoor… (Oh..yeah…)

Typhlosion: Graaa…(Right….)

The two of them eat up their cakes and as they finish they gave me their plates. I sighed and put the dishes away. These two were a handful.

Me: Okay, you guys. I brought you two out here to relax and become friends. Not fight and go to war. Can you guys be friends for once?! Without fighting or glares or any snarls! From the both of you! I can’t expect all three of us to be ONE team if two of you can’t even be friends!

I cross my arms and huffed. Feraligatr and Typhlosion looked skeptical and just grumbled to themselves. I sighed and laid down. I stared at the clouds go by…
Typhlosion looks at me with a blank look. Feraligatr follows with a scratch on the head.

Me: Do you guys remember when you first met each other?

The two pokemon stared at each other in a daze… It seems like yesterday that we made a promise to each other…


We were in the pokemon center and Cyndaquil was all packed and fired up to hit the road. Totodile was just as ready and the two pokemon line up in front of me. They shoved each other and took a few bites as well. I separate the two of them.

Me: Listen, you guys. Right now, I know you want to kill each other. It seems natural.

Totodile: Toto! Dile! (Kill?! More like slaughter!!!)

Cyndaquil: Cyn! Cyn! (Natural to beat her up!!!)

Me: (sighs) Totodile, Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil, Totodile. You’ve known both of each other for a while. You’re opposites. Girl and boy. Water and fire. It’s no wonder you’ll fight, but you have to learn to stick together.

Totodile: To? (How?)

Cyndaquil: Cyn! Cyndaquil! (By doing what?!)

Me: Work as a team. You’re both strong. I know it! Separately against each other, it’s an intense battle but with no winner, but! Together...you two are the most unstoppable team I’ll ever meet.

Cyndaquil: Cynda…(Work…)

Totodile: Dile…(Together?)

Me: Both of you. Promise each other. And me...To be the best you can be. To fight for what is true victory. To unite as the ultimate friends. (smiles)

The two small pokemon look at each other. They sneer and shake hands on it and nod.


The two beasts are reenacting the same thing. Their hands clasped with the other and shaking. They sneer at each other proudly and nod. A renewal of this ultimate vow is what I aimed for with these two. A true friendship in strength and happiness.

Me: This is what I call a team.

Feraligatr and Typhlosion smile at me and we all got into a hug. The two pokemon squeeze me tightly. I was the glue of this whole team and they knew it. As they let go, I breathe a huge sigh and stretch. The two look at me with determined faces and their usual toothy smiles. I smile the same and nod.

A voice calls out to me. I turn around to see a trainer with a Meganium and Azumarill by his side. He was slightly younger than me.

Boy: Yo! I recognize you from anywhere!!!

Me: Oh, really?

Boy: You’re that New Johto Champion! I heard of you from T.V.! Once I heard you became champ, you HAD to be MY rival!

Me: Interesting. Hear that, guys? Our fame is on the rise!

Feraligatr: Gatr! (Famous!)

Typhlosion: GRAA!!!( YEAH!!!)

Boy: Those 're your pokemon?

Me: Mm hm. Meet Typhlosion and Feraligatr.

The two pokemon stomped around with roars. I chuckle.

Boy: I want to battle you with my Meganium and Azumarill!

Me: You’re on! Ready, guys?!

The two beasts roar and cry out proudly with fierce character. I instantly knew they were ready for this battle. And they were gonna fight it out together. . .
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