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My Life My Rules My Choices: Fam for Life

by MellowMarshmallow

MellowMarshmallow We all cool
Sorry for a short Chapter.
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Piper gave Becca a hug.
"You know, this is why we are best friends, we laugh and fight, and make up." She rolled her eyes at Raichu.
"You guys, stop being narcissistic!" Piper said.
"Eevee, come on, let's go train!" The two headed out in the moonlight. They trained and trained til the Sun was coming up, then Eevee was cocooned in a blinding white light.
"Umbreon!" The Eevee had evolved into a beautiful Umbreon.
"Oh, you look so nice!" Piper hugged her Umbreon.
"Becca guess what!" She was ecstatic to tell her news.
"What?" Becca asked impatiently. Piper released her newly evolved Pokemon.
"This happened!!" Becca was a bit grouchy from being awoken from her slumber.
"Woah!" Upon seeing the Umbreon, Becca jolted up.
"Is this why you were gone for a long time?" Becca asked her friend.
"Yep! I wanted Eevee and I to have a stronger friendship. I didn't expect for Fang to evolve though!" Piper said stroking Fang.
"Man, in the morning, we are definitely going to battle Bugsy!" She said going to sleep for a few hours.
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