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Fallout 4 Countdown!: Fallout 4 Countdown (Art Marathon) piece 3 and 4

by NightRaven

366FBDEE-5500-4AA4-9C66-0FB7D8C162B0.JPG 96B2492F-2C30-4132-9BF1-57911C6F672D.JPG
NightRaven Sorry for not uploading yesterday!

Mossfire (the top one) and Amberscar (the other one) both belong to @NightRaven
Fallout 4 Belongs to Bethesda

Mossfire is a grey she-cat with one amber eye and one green eye. She is rather fast and powerful and is unusually big.
Amberscar is a ginger she-cat with amber eyes and scars across her nose, shoulders and back. She is unusually small and nimble. She has small paws and a very long tail of which is bent.
  1. NightRaven
    Only 5 days until Fallout 4's release! As the people on the internet say;"No one can stop the hype train!" cx
    Nov 4, 2015