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Indian legue: Fakemon: Indian League

by LizardWizard

LizardWizard Join trainer Bob on his journey to become a fakemon master!

Today is my birthday im finally 13 and i can get my fakemon license to become a fakemon trainer[:)].
Am Bob and i got my license[<.>]I decided to catch a lightning type first but i meet
Flytata[:o]it looked mad[:-O]i had not catched a fakemon so i ran,that's when i met a injured Flamer its torch was low i took it to a fakemon center,i winked at him[;)]Telling it was all going to be ok...

1 Hours later...
Doctor hap said that Flamer was going to be ok,so i felt good[:D]Flamer looked at me more happier than ever he started to grab my bag and a fakeball dropped out!He touched it and Flamer got caught!
Doctor hap gave me a free potion for my journey.Me and Flamer went into the Freedian Forest to start my journey.

To be continued...
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  1. Sylvious
    I agree with @Frontier Master, it's a good series. But; the grammar isn't the best and the emoticons are shown very often which distracts the viewer from reading the actual story. A little advice to you, @LizardWizard. Have a good day!

    - Ace The Mew Trainer / M3wzy
    Jan 29, 2016
  2. Frontier Master
    Frontier Master
    Its unique I'll say that but the grammar is all over the place and the use of smile faces really detracts from the actually content as it makes it seem rushed and incomplete
    Jan 18, 2016
  3. LizardWizard
    Episode 1:The Fakemon Master!
    Jan 12, 2016