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Fakemon Concept Notes: Iveon (Poison type eeveelution)

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir My idea for a poison type eeveelution
Species name: Iveon

Type: Poison

Evolves from: Eevee

Pokedex entry: After sipping the highly-toxic nectar of a rappacini flower, eevee is forced to evolve into iveon, in order to stay alive. The bulbous growths around iveon's neck are filled with a potent venom, which it throws at enemies in order to attack.

Ability: Chemistry. If Iveon is hit with a poison type move, it will be healed instead of taking damage.

Signature move: Venom burst. The user lobs venom-filled sacs at the opponent. This attack can hit up to five times per use, and has a thirty-percent chance of poisoning the opponent.

Appearance: Fox-like body, with dark purple, velveteen fur, and structures which resemble vines around its legs. Has white, detachable sacs which resemble a necklace around its neck, and a long tails, which resembles a thread of poison ivy.

How to evolve: Feed eevee a vial of rappacini nectar.

Additional notes:

The name, 'iveon', is taken from poison ivy

The item it needs to evolve, rappacini nectar, is from a fictional flower, which I created. It's named after a character in the short story, Rappacini's Daughter, about a man who is in love with a woman who has spent so much time around poisonous plants, that she has become poisonous herself
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