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OC doodles/drawings: Exo

by NightRaven

NightRaven You may be wondering "What is this thing?" and if so, I'm here to answer your question; it's a creature I created for another story that takes place in Ionia (like The Last Amulet and maybe a few others...)...
It even has it's own species name XD (Yes, I actualy did this.)
It's called the Silver-Tipped Zychtaris...
It's basically a bird combined with a cat...except not really.
I think I did something wrong though...
Just so you know, I might just change everything all together...
Here is some information:
Species name: Atraxius alicta (blackened wing; Atra- means black and Al(i)- means wing)
More info: A usually gray bird like creature with a long feathered tail, sharp, jagged talons, slightly hooked fangs, and silver-tipped feathers(usually on their wings or tail). Belonging to the species Atraxius alicta, they have a black wing (or a partially black wing) and usually have heterochromia in their eyes. They, as well, have strange cat-like ears. Zychtaria(plural for Zychtaris) are usually found in some of the forests through Ionia, but a few species have adapted to living in the mountains or even in urban areas! A few people around Ionia keep Zychtaria as pets, but not so much of the Silver-Tipped Zychtaris; the only way to legally keep them is to release them into the wild again when they are within two years of age, whereas they develop their wings, teeth, and talons completely and are able to survive alone.
Silver-Tipped Zychtaria hunt many creatures within Ionia in order to survive, but usually are omnivorous(feeding off both animals and plants). Although Zychtaria aren't very fast at flying, the Silver-Tipped Zychtaris is unusually swift, especially of it's kind. They are able to locate their prey within mere moments before striking and taking off with what they have. They are usually passive creatures, adapting to whatever happens, but when it comes to territory, that's when everything changes; they'll attack almost in an instant, no matter what is nearby. The main reason as to why you are only able to keep these creatures until they are two years old is because they are an endangered species.
(I may add to the description later.)
This one just happened to be named Exo and he has a partially black wing as well as (terribly failed) silver-tipped feathers on his wings and failed sikver markings xD I may redraw this later. I may give you more information on the entire species later on.
(Don't ask why this happened; I just decided to do this xD and I aldo feel like I'm doing something wrong.)
I hope you enjoy! ^^'
  1. NightRaven
    Thank you! ^^ Our science class has been going back over the binomial nomenclature crap for the exams (we studied it at the beginning of the year) and, suddenly, I just thought about creating a fake species for Ionia so I can add some interesting things to it instead of just having the average animals we see every day(even though many are still included.). I found site that gives you Greek and Latin roots for words used within species names and I just skimmed over a few things that would probably be needed. I'll be making more creatures every now and then when I find some more terms to use. To be honest, I think I nailed it on the species name; Atraxius alicta or "blackened wing" as Atra- means "black" and Al(i)- means "wing".
    Apr 26, 2016
  2. Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Crazy Umbreon Lady
    This is so cool!!!!!!!! I luv how you made up your own species!!!!!!!! It looks awesome!!!!!! :)
    Apr 26, 2016