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Pokémon X Adventures: EVOLUTION EXPLOSIVE 2

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer Bryce just blew up a gym LIKE A BOSS!
Last time on Pokémon X Adventures Bryce can get carried away due to an evolution so carried away he forgot what Fenniken evolves into and his hand got stuck and they don't call them Wiggly"Tuff" for nothin' Bryce is back at the water sported gym as the crazy adventures continue! "Ember ember ember!" Bryce yelled as Braxian keeps spamming ember (Braxian learned flame charge) "change of plans flame charge!" Bryce said while he was looking at Braxians moveset 5 minutes of spamming flame charge later "I won the bug badge" (Bryce obtained a badge that he can use to slice trees in half) "yay!" Bryce ran out the door to lumoise city skipping route 4 "They see me flyin' they hatin' so yeah pidgey heck yeah hahahaha!" Bryce hit the gate of lumoise city "oh no wh-" 2 people come up "HAVE YOU SEEN A FLEBABÉ?!?!?!" "It's a freaking fairy type it turned the type chart upside down!!!" The people yelled "Well I have see-" Bryce couldn't finish his sentence "he has seen one!!!!!!!!!" The people screamed "I'm donewith you punks" Bryce set the people on fire "ah just like the gym I left" flashback! "Bryce what are you doing?!" Viola said looking at all of the TNT "I'll give you a hint.. CAUSE I'M TNT DYNAMITE!" Bryce yells as he blows up the gym then he sets it on fire "loser I'm out!" Back to normal and that's why It's called EVOLUTION "EXPLOSIVE" "I feel glad doing that " Bryce said as he looked at violas gym "time to go to lumoise city!" Bryce said as he looked at his guide book he stole from his moms desk "there's a gym here!" Bryce runs to the lane to the gym "sorry but the city is out of power and people can't go through even though I'm letting a freaking lady through" the worker said with a troll face THE END
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