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Ever The Eevee

by Stelluna

Stelluna This is Forever (Commonly referred to as Ever or E07) He is an Eevee and also a subject of Project Evolution. He is afraid of evolution, which Project Evolution is trying to figure out why this occurs in some pokemon. Every pokemon that is part of the Project has a number that begins with E (For Evolution). This is why Ever is called E07. He is tagged on his left ear with his specimen number and has a tracking brace on his left leg. He is known for being mischievous and has almost escaped hundreds of times. He is very rebellious towards the scientists, although he was brought into captivity at a very young age. When he's bored, he'll tug on his ear tag or chew on his tracking brace.

If you'd like to join the Project Evolution RP, ask me on my profile ^^
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  1. Special Riolu
    Oct 14, 2015