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CoDA Characters: Erin Hogan

by Excalibur Queen

Excalibur Queen
Name: Erin Hogan
Age: 15
Year/Grade: 9 (Freshman)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Normally Erin has pale skin, red hair, and green eyes. She is short in stature. Erin wears a dark gray jacket over a black short sleeve shirt, as well as jeans and gray tennis shoes. Her hair and eyes turn gray when she is preparing to use one of her powers
Personality: Before her powers were reveal Erin was an incredibly shy girl. After her powers developed, she became much more confident, developing an alter ego of sorts. Erin is easily embarrassed at times, on occasion wishing that one of her powers was invisibility. She hopes to make friends that won't run away when she tells them about the whole Death Song thing.
Powers: Flight, Sonic Scream, Intangibility, Death Song (Usually focused on a certain target. Used as a last resort)
Bio: Erin was born in Tralee, Ireland to Sean and Ava Hogan. When her parents died in a plane crash when she was 10, her grief released some apparently previously dormant powers: flight, Sonic Scream, and intangibility. A few years later, when it was discovered that her dog had cancer, her sadness awakened another power, Death Song, which she used on him when he became unable to eat and had difficulty defecating.
Current Guardian: (Mother, Father, both, Grandparent, Aunt May, Uncle, etc.) Jack and Amelia O'Malley (Uncle and Aunt)