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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Episode 4: Bugging Gengar Out!

by ProtoMegaMan

ProtoMegaMan After Clyde gets a Shiny Gengar, Gengar seems to be changing form in this spectacular gym battle!
After Clyde catches a Gabite, and gets a Shiny Gengar, Clyde goes on into the next city. "Bugsy, The Bug-type gym leader." Clyde read on a billboard. "Well, I'm going in!" As Clyde came in, this girl greeted him. "Welcome!" Bugsy said. "You must be a New Challenger! Let's see if you can beat me! Also, what's that on your wrist?" "Something called a Mega Bracelet, But I have no ideo what it's for." Clyde replied. "Let's Just battle." "Go, Forretress!" "Let's go, Weavile!" (Yes, Weavile. See? Now even you're confused. He did some training at least!) "Weavile, Use Fake Out!" Clyde commanded. Forretress flinched! "NO!! Forretress!" Bugsy yelled. "Weavile, return, Go, Gabite!" Clyde said. "Gaaaaabi" "Use Fire Blast!"Clyde commanded. Fire Blast hit Forretress, but Forretress is still up. "WAAAH?!?" Clyde gasped. "Me and Forretress are a Special Duo, Now Forretress, Use Flash Cannon!" Bugsy said, and Flash Cannon hit Gabite. "Gabite, return, Gengar, I choose you!" Clyde said. And Gengar was switched in. "WHAT THE-!" Clyde said. Gengar mega evolved into Mega Gengar! ""So this is Mega Evolution." Bugsy thought. "USE SUCKER PUNCH!" Clyde Commanded, as Forretress fainted. "Forretress is unable to battle, the winner is Mega Gengar!" the announcer said. "GRRRR! GO SCYTHER!" Bugsy said, and Scyther came out. "Gengar, Use Shadow Ball!" Clyde commanded. "Scyther Counter it with X-Scissor!" Bugsy said. Both moves collided, but Scyther's SpD was lowered by 1. "SCYTHER, SLASH!" Bugsy commanded. "Gengar, Use Shadow Ball!" Clyde commanded. As Scyther's Slash went though Shadow Ball, Shadow Ball hit Scyther and Scyther fainted! "Scyther is unable to battle, the winner is Mega Gengar! Which means the victor is Clyde Hensley!" the announcer said. "Aww.. Oh well, A Loss is a Loss. Here's your Hive Badge!" Bugsy said. "I've gotten The Hive Badge!" Clyde said, excitedly. Clyde leaves the gym and walks on and on.
  1. ProtoMegaMan
    I guess Johto just went into the Gold Mines.
    A MegaMan Joke
    Jul 4, 2015
  2. SonicAaron
    In my adventure Mega Evolution was just discovered in the Kanto Reigon
    Jun 20, 2015
  3. ProtoMegaMan
    Jun 13, 2015
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  4. AlexNinjaDX
    Awesome Story Man!
    Jun 8, 2015
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