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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Episode 3: Gabite: Born a Dragon, Always a Dragon!

by ProtoMegaMan

ProtoMegaMan Clyde goes to Bellsprout Tower to train his pokemon, while an unknown Pokemon evolves and saves Clyde from a disaster!
As Clyde left the Violtet City Gym, He put his Zephyr Badge into his Badge Case. Clyde goes to The Bellsprout Tower. "Bellsprout Tower, A 60 year old abandoned tree house said to be the place where the legendary Pokemon, Ho-Oh nests." Clyde read, as reading an old article about the Bellsprout Tower. "Might as Well go train in there!"
As Clyde walked in, he saw an unknown Pokemon. He checked it on his Pokedex. "Gible, the Land Shark Pokemon. It nests in horizontal holes warmed by geothermal heat. Foes who get too close can expect to be pounced on and bitten." The PokeDex somehow said, I guess. "Gible looks injured. I must help it!" thought Clyde. Clyde tiptoed slowly, as Gible started to glow Blueish. Gible evolved into Gabite! Clyde pulled out the PokeDex, again and checked it's data. "Gabite, the Cave Pokemon, and the evolved form of Gible. It loves sparkly things! It seeks treasure in caves and hoards the loot in it's nest." PokeDex said. "Whoa!" Clyde gasped. "A Gabite! Go PokeBall!" The PokeBall shook 3 times, and Gabite was caught! Clyde went up stairs and saw Silver, again. "Weakling! Charmeleon, Fire Blast!" Silver commanded, as Charmeleon attacked the Old man. "You weak old man! Battle me the next time you've gotten stronger!" "Hey Silver!" Clyde yelled. "You can't attack.an old man like that, Big Jerk!" "Jerk? He's Weak! What else was gonna happen?" Silver said. Silver used an Escape Rope to escape Bellsprout Tower. "Oh, Haunter! Haunter!" the old man said. "Here, I'll trade you Haunter for a Bellsprout!"
"Sure!" Clyde replied. Haunter evolved into Gengar when it got traded! Clyde lefted, as the journey continues.

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  1. ProtoMegaMan
    SonicAaron, you forgot Gabite.
    Jul 3, 2015
  2. SonicAaron
    Your team vs my team...


    Jun 20, 2015