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Episode 1

by Sylvious

Sylvious Looking through the magic of my "Written Works", I can (And you can too) find an Animal Crossing story that I guess is geared towards comedy, or my way of making "Terrible" stuff. Im going to make a more "Animal Crossing" like story and.... A prediction for the upcoming Wii U Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: Crossed Dimension's!

I go away from my home that I had for the past five years, the town of New Leaf. But the whole town knows, I can never escape...

From a diary I found from an human villager, he created a theory; Repeated Dimensions. This theory is explained by after going to a town full of animals, (The first town I went to accidentally) caused something in Dimensions which when I leave the town, I go to a town that is almost an exact replica.

The villager started having mental problems. He visited a total of 60 towns, searching for an answer to why this happens. But; he never did.

Although what he did figure out was the amount of people that get into these types of towns are a total of 8 people! I'm one of them. I have to escape from this terrible place.

I go on the bus. And I find the person that I was wanting to find my whole journey, the cat that started everything; Rover.

"Hello <insert name here>! You always go to towns like this, are you crazy?" Rover stares at me smiling. I grab a knife from my pockets, and try to kill him. But of course; it's not that easy, He throws me into time and space itself. I'm helpless against this demon disguised as a cat. After 4 seconds, I've entered an alternate dimension.