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Pokemon Black & White Version 3: Ep 3: I Choose You!

by PokemandanEX

PokemandanEX Who will be Dan's first companion on his amazing quest, find out in this episode.
Last time, Dan found out he had the chance to become a Pokemon Trainer, after finding the girl with a big green hat known as Bianca, Dan had the choice of rather Snivy the Grass Type, Oshawott the Water Type, or Tepig the fire type. Who will Dan choose? "So Dan who will be your first ever partner?" "Gah, it's such a hard decision, one I will never be able to change, but, just who should I pick?" "I'd say listen to your heart." "...Listen to my heart...Hmm, I GOT IT!" "You sure are exited for this, then again, who wouldn't be! So, who are you gonna choose?" "I choose you...Snivey." "So you went with a Grass type, nice choice, congratulations on becoming an official trainer, now, I need to ask something of you on behalf of Professor Juniper." "Really? What is it?" "As a Pokemon professor, Professor Juniper wants to know everything about the Pokemon here in Unova and maybe some other regions. So, she wants your help." "What? Me? I'm just starting out as a Trainer. But...what does she need my help with?" "She wants you to try and catch every Pokemon here in Unova to fill out the Pokedex." "Uhh...what's a Pokedex?" It's something that can tell you a bit about the Pokemon you encounter. However, to get the full amount of information on that Pokemon, you would have to catch it. The Pokedex would instantly register the Pokemon not itself amongst capture." "But, I don't have a Pokedex or Poke'balls to capture the Pokemon I encounter, how am I supposed to help?" "Here, Professor Juniper asked me to give you a Pokedex if you answer this question." "Man, there's a lot of questions today, what would that question be anyway?" "Do you want to help complete the Pokedex?" "Yes, of course, I'd love to." "Brilliant! Here take these." Bianca then gives Dan a Pokedex and 20 Poke'balls. "Thank you Bianca!" "No problem." Suddenly, Sam comes up to Bianca. "Umm, Bianca was it? Would it be ok if I could have a Pokedex to? I really want to travel around Unova capturing, training and making friends with Pokemon." "Sure, I happen to have a spare Pokedex on me, I'm sure Professor Juniper will be very happy that your helping her with her research." "Hey Dan, let's have our first Pokemon battle. I have a Tepig that I hatched from an egg so I'm all set!" "You're on!" "GO TEPIG!" "Teeeeepppiiiigggg" "I CHOOSE YOU, SNIVEY!" "Sniveeey" Will Dan and his Snivey be able to defeat Sam and his Tepig? Find out next time on Pokemon Black & White Version 3!

Dan's Pokemon's current level: Snivey-Lv 5
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