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Let's Play Journal of Alpha-Sapphire: Entry 5: The Awesome Power Of A Gym Leader

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey Sapphire faces off against his first Gym Leader, Roxanne, The Rock-Loving Honors Student! Will he claim victory and earn his first Badge, or will he be overwhelmed by her Rock solid might?

At a whopping 21,065 words, this will be my final entry for #summercamp15 however Sapphire's story is just getting started!
Entry 5: The Awesome Power Of A Gym Leader

As planned, I started my day by exploring as much of the city as I possibly could. During my travels I learned a good bit about Rustboro, primarily that the citizens here are very proud of their school. No surprise there. Like May said, it is the most prestigious academy in Hoenn. From there I learned that the Gym Leader here uses Rock-type Pokémon. With that in mind, I decided to temporarily deposit Taillow and Zigzagoon in the PC since they don’t match up well against Rock-types leaving me with just Alpha, Beldum, Lotad, and Shroomish left in my party.

The last thing I learned is that people in this city are freaking nice! Along with the Quick Claw, Cut, and False Swipe I got last night, I met people with relatives in the Devon Corporation that gave me a type of Pokéball called a Premier Ball and a Float Stone, an Item that halves a Pokémon’s weight. I don’t know if I should call that advertisement for Devon products, generosity, or what! That’s still a lot of free stuff for nothing! =0

Oh but there is a really weird story that went with the Float Stone. The guy who gave it to me was tall, thin, and really fit. He gave it to me and explained how it worked, I turned away for probably a minute, and when I turned back around there is a really fat guy wearing the same clothes! He was breathing heavily and complaining about gaining a lot of weight recently. I swear it had to be a coincidence or a prank! There was no way the Float Stone would have caused a human to change weight, right? 0_0

But at last the time had come! I stood outside the Gym which looked exactly like Dad’s Gym from the outside. I’m sure the inside would be different since every Gym Leader has the freedom to remodel and customize their Gym any way they see fit.

“Well guys, this is it!” I declared holding my four Pokéballs in my hands and looking at the Pokémon inside. I put the Pokéballs back on my belt and took a deep breath. This was it. Show time!

I walked through the doors only to stop dead in my tracks. The interior of the Gym looked more like a museum than anything else! The first thing that caught my eye was the giant skeleton of what I’m guessing was a Dragon-type Pokémon on the wall at the very back of the Gym. In front of that were two animatronics of Fossil Pokémon. One was an armored Pokémon with a wide flat head and scythes for arms. The other looked like a plant with glowing eyes and tentacles all around what could have been its face. At the center of the Gym was a wide sandpit set up to look like a maze. The walls around the sandpit and fossils resembled layers of sediment stacked on top of one another. In the front where I was the walls were actual walls adding to the theme that this was a museum. Also up front were a lot of glass cases that I was just dying to see what was in them! Sorry Dad. Your dojo is cool and all, but this place rocks! …Pun not intended <<

Standing at the front entrance next to the podium on the left side of the door was a girl with her hands on her hips. She had long brown hair that was styled into princess buns and tied off with a really big pink bow. She was dressed in a stone-grey dress over top a white shirt, red stockings, a light pink bow around her neck, and black shoes. She looked like she might have been scolding an old man wearing suspenders and a bowtie but whatever conversation they were having ended when I walked in.

“Hello! You must be a new challenger.” greeted the girl when she turned towards me.

“That’s right! Are you the Gym Leader?” I asked her eagerly.

“That is correct. I am Roxanne, the Rustboro City Gym Leader. I took up my position after I graduated from the famed Pokémon Trainer’s School so I could apply what I learned in class to actual battles.” introduced Roxanne sounding very rehearsed in her speech but also proud of her accomplishment. “And you are?”

“I’m Sapphire.” I said. If Roxanne didn’t know who I was then hopefully she wouldn’t realize that I was Norman’s son. I refuse to let my father’s reputation and position define me as a Trainer!

“Well then Sapphire, how many Badges do you have?” she asked.

“None yet. This will be my first.” I explained. Roxanne got a sly smirk on her face.

“Confident you can win I see. Very well Sapphire. I will accept your challenge at the back of my Gym. Please battle my Gym Trainers to truly test your abilities as a Trainer. I look forward to learning if your skill matches your bravado.” Roxanne challenged. “You may also feel free to look at my fossil collections as you see fit.” she added with another hint of pride. She then walked to the back of the Gym with a dainty swagger.

I took my time walking around looking at all of the exhibits in the Gym. On the left side of the Gym the largest case had a full 3D model of Hoenn. I looked it over trying to figure out what all the towns and landmarks were. I was able to pick out Route 104 South right away along with Petalburg Woods. From there I was able to determine where Rustboro, Petalburg, Oldale, and Littleroot Town were. Besides them I didn’t really know the names of anywhere else yet. ^^; Just as Dad described to me, there were a lot of mountains to the north including a giant volcano! That’s right, Hoenn apparently has a volcano!

When I was done with the map I looked at some stratum that was said to have been excavated from a place called Fallarbor Town. I pulled up my AreaNav to learn that Fallarbor was directly north of the volcano which was called Mt. Chimney. No wonder the sediment there was worth preserving. Near the stratum was a shining crystal that was labeled as a ‘Kalos Stone’ that came from a place called Glittering Cave in the Kalos Region. On the right side of the Gym were glass cases containing different fossils like a spiraled shell, a shell shaped like a dome, and many others. Roxanne also had a sample of petrified wood displayed and a case containing the gear used by fossil hunters.

Now that I had taken in everything there was to see in both Rustboro City and Rustboro Gym, I was ready for battle! I walked into the sandpit maze which I found to have a gentle upward slope. There I battled Roxanne’s three subordinate Trainers. All of them used Geodude, a Pokémon resembling a round rock with thin arms, so I used Beldum, Lotad, and Shroomish on each respective Trainer. That just left Alpha to handle the Gym Leader. I walked up the stairs to where Roxanne was waiting with an impressed smirk on her face.

“I am glad to see your confidence was not unfounded. From the moment you walked in I knew you and your Pokémon would make it this far.” she boasted proudly.

“And how was that?” I questioned hoping she didn’t know who I was. >_<

“Kindly demonstrate how you battle with your Pokémon to me and learn that for yourself!” she challenged with a serious expression and a tone to match. She took out a Pokéball, lifted her arm over her shoulder, and swiped it down passed her waist while releasing the sphere. Emerging was yet another Geodude.

“Alright Alpha! Let’s do this!” I called summoning my Mudkip. He gave a mighty cry showing he was ready for this battle. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or excited. She was a Gym Leader after all and I had seen the power required to obtain such a coveted position first hand growing up. I had a type advantage working in my favor but for all I knew that only evened the playing field. Only one way to find out!

“Use Water Gun Alpha!” I commanded passionately. Alpha opened his mouth spewing a torrent of water at Geodude doing considerable damage.

“So you came prepared for me with a Water-type?” Roxanne analyzed sounding impressed. “You will not win that easily however! Slow them down with Rock Tomb Geodude!” she called. The Rock Pokémon slammed her hands to the floor and pulled out several boulders that she then lobbed at Alpha. He tried moving out of the way but there were too many. He was hit and left trapped by them. While Alpha bounced back from the attack, Roxanne took a Potion bottle from her pocket and healed her Geodude with it.

“Keep using Water Gun Alpha!” I instructed throwing my arm to the side for emphasis. Alpha let loose another Water Gun, this time taking Geodude out. The Gym Leader gave a sassy smirk as she called back her fainted Pokémon.

“You certainly live up to expectations. I wonder how you will handle my next Pokémon. Meet my strongest Pokémon, Nosepass!” she announced sending out a blue blocky Pokémon with a giant orange nose. The Pokémon sort of resembled a cartoony duck I thought.

“Just like before Alpha!” I called. The Mudfish Pokémon did as told, but this time the Water Gun seemed much less effective! I could tell Nosepass didn’t like the attack but the way she tanked the hit was like nothing I had ever seen before! =0

“Nosepass! Hit them with Rock Tomb!” commanded Roxanne. All Nosepass had to do was raise her arms to pull more boulders out of the floor and throw them at Alpha. My Pokémon fought bravely against the onslaught but was brought to his knees. The only indication he still had the strength left to fight was the glow of Torrent that surrounded him.

“Finish Alpha with Rock Tomb Nosepass!” the Gym Leader called decisively.

“Not yet!” I yelled defiantly as I got out a Potion. I sprayed Alpha to heal him enough to survive the incoming Rock Tomb. “Now use Water Gun Alpha!” I called. The Mudkip spewed a Torrent boosted deluge at Nosepass knocking her on her back. When the Compass Pokémon’s arms fell to the floor as well I let out a deep sigh of relief.

“It seems I still have much more to learn.” Roxanne said coolly taking her loss well. I on the other hand was laughing like a madman at my victory.

“We did it Alpha! Together you and I beat a Gym Leader! :’D” I cheered ecstatically. I really wanted to start dancing but I still had some self-control. :p Alpha was also making elated cries over his accomplishment. Our accomplishment. He could neither beat Roxanne without me nor I without him.

“Done?” Roxanne asked us with her hands on her hips.

“Yes Ma’am!” I apologized quickly regaining my composure. Roxanne gave me a dirty look.

“I am not a ma’am!” she emphasized indignantly. I giggled apologetically. “Anyway, did you learn why I knew you would make it to me Sapphire?” she inquired.

“You noticed I had a Water-type?” I guessed with uncertainty. Not to mention the fact that I also had Grass and Steel-types. I got a finger wag as my answer. Yeah, I didn’t think that was right. :\

“It is because you know your Pokémon. You exude an air of strength that experienced Trainers will notice. In recognition of that strength, the rules of the Pokémon League require a Gym Leader to bestow a Badge to any Trainer that defeats them.” Roxanne reached into her dress pocket and pulled out her closed hand. This was so exciting! “By the power vested in me by the Pokémon League, I hereby award you the Stone Badge!” she said opening her hand. In her palm sat a shiny purple and gold pin shaped like a rhombus with two of the corners emphasized. I was practically beaming with joy as I accepted the Badge from her. I held it up and stared at it for a few seconds to take in the sight and make it feel real to me.

“Check it out Alpha! Our first Badge!” I squeed crouching down so I could show Alpha the Badge too. He also made happy cheers at the sight.

“You can also have this.” offered Roxanne holding out a brown disk marked by the number 39. “TM39 contains my signature move Rock Tomb. Since you can reuse TMs as you see fit, feel free to teach the move to all of your Pokémon. Even Alpha can learn it.” she informed.

“Thanks!” I said accepting the TM. I think it will be pretty cool to use this on Alpha one day. I can already image him throwing a bunch of rocks at an opponent! >:D

“Since you are so strong, you should challenge other Gym Leaders too. By battling many Trainers, you will likely learn many things.” encouraged Roxanne. “You may even find Trainers that share your interests or hobbies. Take my friend Steven for example. We both have a keen interest in collecting rare stones. He may seem cool and collected with a serious expression, but if you show him a rare stone or a Steel-type Pokémon, his eyes light up. He gets animated, and his expression changes, showing an unexpected charming side.”

“You said Steven likes Steel-types!?” I asked urgently. I took out Beldum’s Pokéball and sent it out. Roxanne’s jaw immediately dropped.

“But that’s the silver Beldim Steven caught!” she realized right away. “You mean the Trainer that won the lottery was you?”

“That’s right. I was wondering why Steven would hold a raffle for such a rare Pokémon, especially since you said Steel is his favorite type. Do you happen to know his reason behind it?” I inquired. The Gym Leader only crossed her arms and made an indecisive expression.

“I would like to know that myself honestly. When I asked him about it all he said was ‘I have a hunch’ and left it at that.” she confessed.

“I see. Thanks though.” I said returning both Beldum and Alpha.

“Hey, at least you are the proud owner of such a rare and strong Pokémon!” Roxanne praised.

“I certainly don’t regret winning. I’m just curious what Steven’s motive was.” I clarified.

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Roxanne said. “Well, best of luck out there!”

I nodded and gave her a thumbs-up. After putting away my awards, I jumped down the slope leading back to the entrance of the Gym.

“I watched your battle from here. Congratulations!” praised the man in suspenders. “Victorious Trainers get to prove their accomplishment, not just with a Badge, but also by writing their names on these podiums.” he informed.

“How so?” I asked. The man took a small tablet from his pocket and handed me a stylus.

“Just type your name on this and it will appear digitally on the podium.” he explained. I took the tablet and typed my name on it like instructed. After pressing ‘Accept’ I gave back the tablet and looked at the podium.

Rustboro City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Roxanne, The Rock-Loving Honors Student
Certified Trainers: Sapphire​

Yup! Sure enough, there I was along with all the other Trainers that have beaten Roxanne during her tenure as Gym Leader. I nodded in satisfaction. Well, time to head out now!
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