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Tony's Journal: Entry 3: Cars

by Mr.RMA

Mr.RMA Following after the strange girl who seemingly appeared from nowhere, Tony, Cody and Jamie start to uncover a mystery that goes deeper than they realized, and as they get more involved, more threats begin to surface... in both worlds.
Alright, this is where things begin to take a turn, somehow, for the even more bizarre. Once Cody saw the girl run out of the building, he was hell bent on giving chase, leaving Jamie and I to regrettably follow, knowing the lunatic had already nearly gotten himself killed prior, leaving us with very little choice but to make sure we were there to bail him out of it again when he inevitably screwed this latest ordeal up. Running through the streets, into the nearby park, after nearly drawing way too much unwanted attention to himself chasing a strangely dressed teenage girl scared out of her mind all through public property, Cody managed to corner the girl long enough to ask for an explanation. Of course, she wasn’t going to give it to the creeper who’d gone after her so aggressively, but, Jamie and I were safer alternatives to speak to by comparison. The girl called herself Elise, and judging by how she was interacting with us, before she even admitted to it, it was pretty evident she didn’t belong here. In retrospect, I can recall the fear and confusion in her eyes, the same we were all expressing those first couple of occasions in that strange otherworld. Sure enough, she told us she arrived here after coming across a strange book and opening it, finding herself in another body and another world. We were looking at the inverse of our own misadventures right in the face.

Attempting to get information out of her proved to just drive her further away from trusting us any, but she still seemed to find Jamie at least somewhat reliable, which I can’t say I fully understand knowing her reputation, but, maybe her cynicism just appealed to other sorts, I couldn’t tell you. Allowing her shelter for the time being at her own place, Jamie seemed to have the situation handled, and I was too exhausted, mentally and physically, to deal with any more of this crap that evening. Excusing myself, I went back home, expecting to maybe get a few reps in before turning it in for the night. I was stupid to think things would ever go according to plan for me so easily anymore… Only moments after arriving home, I get a call from both Jamie and Cody, both of them speaking frantically about a strange black van pursuing Jamie’s car, attempting to knock her off the road. No surprise, Elise was riding along, it wasn’t a long shot to suspect her presence had something to do with this. I couldn’t even hesitate to sigh in exasperation before rushing to my car, my beautiful ’93 Mazda Miata… God that car was everything to me… hearing that motor running as I sped down the road, no roof and the music on the radio blasting at full volume, that was just the pinnacle of my weekend… but I can’t get emotional about that, I haven’t even gotten into the shit that went down that night. It was bad enough a girl from the other side was suddenly making things all the more confusing, but now we had people coming after us! Speakerphone activated, I managed to track down the path Jamie’s ’03 Honda was headed. Not that bad a car but, with my wheels, I was able to cover the distance fairly quickly. I don’t mean to brag about much, but, my driving skills? Simply the best, don’t let anyone tell you differently, I could probably make millions joining a pro circuit or something, but, anyway, I managed to catch up to Jamie and her pursuer as they were speeding their way down the highway. Seeing no traffic cops on an occasion where we could actually use them, I hastily called the incident in, figuring I’d cover my bases as I attempted to head off the black van. The driver was no pushover, and I couldn’t do much to detract him, but, he couldn’t do anything to me either, the way I was swerving and drifting (The best I tell you). Unfortunately, the cops were gonna be a while to catch up, and Cody, in his beat up clunker of a Dodge truck, couldn’t manage to tail us until we all hit the exit leading directly into the nearby university, the very same I’d so frequently visited to make a good impression… Needless to say I was about to make an impression of a different sort that night as we sped into the narrow college road, everyone and everything trying to avoid our high-speed chase in a panic. The conditions were getting pretty bad at around this point, even the best can’t work miracles, and my car started running into obstacles… in the form of other cars that didn’t get out of the way in time, wrecking the passenger side of my poor Miata, but I kept driving, pushing aside the mounting repair bills I knew were due after this was all over. I was right behind the van, while Cody was right in front of it, in our attempt to block it off from Jamie.

Unexpected as it may be, this is where I have to introduce another newcomer. Seated in the passenger seat of Cody’s car, he wasn’t from another world, but, you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Irwin was the sort of kid who spent his free time in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet with his Anarchy shirt, trenchcoat, fedora, and statue of the almighty Kek all trustily equipped for every session. Cody had apparently written his name on the History Club list, and he picked a hell of a day to confront our redneck companion about it. As the van was still attempting to wreck all of us at once, with the loud sirens of the cops finally catching up, Team Dodge Clunker decided they were going to bring out the big guns… and you know damn well I mean that literally. Cody was attempting to fire off a shotgun while driving, and Irwin was firing off a pistol from the other side. By some miracle, none of the bullets managed to get me, but the van seemed to be taking a few shots, and I was starting to see some smoke. That almost made me forget the fact that I was a misfire away from a headshot into hell. I expected a few more shots would eventually stop the van and force it to veer to a halt on the side of the road, but nope, instead, Irwin takes one more shot and the van explodes. I’m not making this shit up, that van suddenly erupted in a mass of fire and debris, and I quickly went to masterfully swerve out of the way of the wreckage.

Never had there been a lousier day for my brakes to suddenly lock up.

What I remember next is going airborne for a few seconds, I think I might’ve flipped over once or twice… Next thing I know I’m crawling out of the twisted scrap metal that was my Miata. Seriously… that car, I loved that thing like a goddamned family pet and it was like I saw said pet die right in front of me, a cruel, cruel death… and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Ugh… can’t dwindle on that… I already mourned enough for the poor thing. Anyway, while I was emerging from that tragedy, behind me I saw a police car turned on its side, and further destruction back a-ways. I didn’t pass out, but, hopefully you understand if my mind was a little rattled. I definitely got a little dinged up, and as soon as the authorities could put themselves together, they were carrying me off to the hospital. Having somehow saved my phone through this whole thing, I managed to tell the others I was okay, and they let me know they somehow managed to all get away without any straggling pursuers. That certainly helped soften a bit of the blow of losing my car… I mean… kinda. I was glad they all got away safely, but, I was gonna have a lot of shit to think about while I was stuck in my hospital bed. But y’know, despite it all, I took comfort convincing myself not to rescind the fact that I remain the best behind the wheel. Seriously, that isn’t the concussion talking, I swear.

They let me go after a few hours, once they were sure I hadn’t suffered any serious injuries, and my folks, understandably concerned, y’know, as a parent would be if they were just informed their kid was in a car crash, drove me back home, where I explained the situation, as best as I could without delving into ‘magic occult book’ territory. Condemn me for secrecy there if you must, but, put yourself in my shoes and see how openly you’d discuss the escapades I’ve been writing about here with your parents, especially without easily accessible proof. Bad enough they had to fret over my concussion and destroyed car, I wasn’t gonna toss the rest of my troubles onto that pile, if things really get bad they’ll probably stumble upon this journal and find it all out in due time. Until that day comes, this ordeal can stay with those of us involved. A group surprisingly growing in number. I can’t help but wonder how many others are gonna end up in our little phony History Club. They’ve got my pity though, whoever they end up being.