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my region and everything that has to do with it!: Elizabeth Crofward. Normal type gym leader oc

by roanyael

roanyael Hello There my FLAWLESS friends of PokéCharms. Hereby I wanna give you guys my sincerest apology for being so dead. and since I wanna make a comeback. here I am. But since I mostly post on the Pokémon Amino by the name of 20Yumian02, I took the opportunity to take a post I made on there and post it right here. I also hope to continue posting here. so please don't think I died or something.

Now on to the actual post.


So first wanna give a quick explanation on this project. After Sword and Shield came out, I was so inspired to design and write some gym leaders. So I asked on my Amino what type they would want to see first. And normal type got the most votes. For the next type you are also able to comment under this post as well.




Since the normal type can represent basically anything I had a hard time thinking what type this character could. But after watching, Grease. (Which didn’t really age that well). I decided it would be fun do make an order woman who grew up in the 1950’s. And her fashion sense got stuck in that time period for some reason.



Elizabeth Crofward was born on the 17th of January in 1947, in the then thriving Cestellia city, in the Unova region. Her family had always been close with Pokémon and her father owned a photo studio where he made and sold photo’s of Pokémon and people together. Elizabeth soon took an interest to photography herself. But she took an even greater interest in Pokémon. At age 10 in the year 1957 she got her first own Pokémon, a Minccino. She was also given a camera and then started to discover the region.

In 1960 she was 13 years old and decided to travel to other regions and ended up in the Hudsog region. (fictional region I made up this region will from now on be the place of most of my original content). And after another 3 years of traveling. She wanted to focus a bit more on her Pokémon battles. And became an intern at a local gym. But she slowly fought her way to the place of substitute leaders. And in 1966, when Elizabeth was 19 years of age. The original owner of the gym went of on a journey which mad her the gym leader. But she never wanted to change anything about the gym in case the original gym leader would return.

Then in 1971 when Elizabeth was 24 years old. She got the horrible news that the original gym leaders had died when he was trapped in a cave while it was falling apart. It took her 2 whole year’s to cope with this news before finally renovating the gym to help her forget about it. She made the gym really hers by hanging it full of photo’s of humans and Pokémon. And made the interior resemble the interior of housed from the 1950. The era she was so in love with. She also made a special hallway with photos of trainers with their Pokémon who had the strength to earn her gym badge. Which were mostly older photo’s from when she was still a bit inexperienced. And of course a tea room. The gym has stayed the exact same since 1973. But fewer people has earned the gym badge as time went on.



I will give her and every gym leader in the future a team of 6 which they can change up depending on how strong the opponent is. But here I mostly show up what they’re strongest team is. So here it is




Right now at the beginning of 2020,Elizabeth is 85 years old and has been running it since she was 19 years. Despite her age she is still adventurous and loves to travel around the region. But her time of going to other regions has long passed. And she will stay in the Hudsog region. Even tho she is still very healthy and full of energy she has been searching for a suitable replacement. She wants the next gym leader to be as passionate about photography and the connection between human and Pokémon as she is. And is looking no further than the students from her own photography school.



Please for the next type you wanna see in the comments. also I hope you enjoyed this. and I would absolutely love feedback.