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Elemental Academy: Elemental Academy Episode 14(I think...)

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Kevin decides to test his electrical powers to the limit, with the help of Dylan, Azure and Logan.
"Hoogen." Kevin poked his sleeping friend in the arm.
"Hoogen." And he did it again. And once more.
"Hoogen!" Kevin yelled. However, it did not affect him, and Kevin sighed.
"Crapbaskets..." Kevin mumbled. The electrical elemental was hoping to do a project with his curly haired friend on the weekend. Normally, Hoogen got up before him.
"Weird....Oh yeah! We watched all 6 Star Wars movies last night.....Wait, Dylan, Azure, Roxy and Logan were here too...." Kevin pondered, but it ended when he saw Logan laying on a bean bag, Dylan lying on the TV, Azure next to a hole in the wall and another hole on the ceiling.
"Roxy...." Kevin mumbled. Kevin shocked Logan, Dylan and Azure, waking them up. Logan and Dylan landed on the ground, while Azure landed on top of them, striking a pose.
"Ta-Dah!" Azure exclaimed, while the two people underneath her groaned in pain.
"Dylan, I need your help. It's an experiment. Think you could help?" Kevin asked, which Dylan heard and jumped up, resulting in Azure being tossed up in the air, but then landed on Logan, who screamed.
"YOU HAD ME AT EXPERIMENT!!!" Dylan screamed.
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