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Rumi's Adventure: Eiden Saga chapter 5: The Senseis

by Spoiled Bread

Spoiled Bread Note to self: Learn to give better title and choose a proper timing to cut the story.
NO, I need something more than advise! Rumi thought to herself while running to the Reynhold mansion, it was easy to spot because its the only three-story building in the entire village. After running for a few minutes, she arrived in front of the mansion. She was ready, she had thought about what she really wants. At first she only wanted to ask some things regarding how to care about pokemon, but this might be a good chance to make an advancement on her dream. So let’s aim higher!

Lucky for her because Kariya Reynhold himself was doing a sparing with his magmar in the yard, Kariya was topless and sweating while he exchange punches with magmar, without the burning fist of course. For a moment Rumi was distracted by his abs, she was thinking about how his abs looks like a bug’s segmented body when Kariya noticed her.

“Oh my, what an adorable little girl doing in front of our mansion, I wonder?” Kariya sudden shift of attention earned him a fist in his left cheek. Both magmar and Rumi seems startled, but Kariya quickly stood up like nothing just happened. “I see that you have taken a liking to my wonderful abs, let me tell you that not even myself can resist its charm.” He consciously puffed up his abs.

“That’s not... it...” She was too nervous, she couldn’t recall the introduction that she had prepared on the way here. Is this what she really wants? There's no going back after this. She probably was not ready for this...

“What is it? Oh, are you perhaps looking for my beautiful sister?”

“I... I...”

“Or do you want to take a walk in our magnificent garden?”

“I... I...”

“Or- Gyahh!” Kariya’s probing stopped by a slap on the back of his head. Rumi saw Kayla behind her brother.

“Stop it, brother. You are scaring her.”

“Of course I don’t! I just want to share our beautiful lifestyle with this little missy.”

“Right.” Kayla rolled her eyes. She then crouched down so her eyes were the same level as Rumi’s. “Can I know your name?” She asked her with a gentle smile on her face. The smile made Rumi more relaxed.

“R-rumi, my name is Rumi.”

“Well, Rumi. May I know why are you coming here?”

“I... I...”

“It’s okay. You can say it.”

“I-I want to become a pokemon trainer! Please make me your apprentice!!” Rumi gathered all her courage and at long least she said it, she said it! The one she really wanted! Probably. The twin seemed shocked, they looked at each other as if they were communicating by telepathy.

“Girl, do you have any pokemon?” Kariya asked.

“Yes, I have.” Rumi sent Chama out and earned gasp from both trainer. They expect her pokemon to be caterpie or weedle, heck, they didn’t even expect Rumi to owns pokeball.

“It is a pancham! It is supposed to live in the eastern Eiden. How did you get it?!” Kariya asked Rumi, half-shouting. Rumi couldn’t find any reason to lie at them. So she told them the event with Malvoy and gim reapers. At the end of the story, they looked as confused as Rumi.

“So, Malvoy and houndooms huh.” Kariya mumbled to himself.

“How about my request?” Rumi asked with her eyes full of hopes. Kayla ruffled her hair.

“It is decided then.” Kayla clasped her hands. “Rumi will become our apprentice for the next six years... kinda, until she earns her own trainer license.” Rumi almost jumped in joy, but Kariya's next words stopped her from doing so.

“Now, now. Sister, why did you decide that without asking me?”

“because I know you would say yes. Isn’t that what you really want? Someone that call you sensei?”

“I-I am only ten when I said that!”

“Please, grant my request, sensei!” Rumi bowed. Chama, looking at his new trainer, followed the gesture. Kariya could be seen blushing, Kayla covered her mouth to hold back a laughter.

“All right. You are accepted.” Kariya finally accept. Rumi bounced in joy. One step forward! She was getting closer to her dream!

“Thank you sensei! I will work hard and learn fast!”
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