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Rumi's Adventure: Eiden Saga chapter 3: First Pokemon, gotcha!

by Spoiled Bread

Spoiled Bread Rumi meet a Pokemon professor, choose her starter then embark on a journey!

That's... not what happened.
“Rumi, it’s getting dark.” Aaron said anxiously.

“I know.” Rumi answered flatly while kept searching the tall grass for the caterpie.

“Rumi, I-I’m sorry. But I must go home now. My mother will be angry if I come home late.” Rumi turned her back and looked at Aaron.

“You can go home Aaron. But I will search that caterpie until I find it!!” Rumi said confidently with a fire in her eyes, not literally of course.

“Will you be okay?”

“Yes, sure.”

“Then I’m going home. Stay safe Rumi.” Aaron waved Rumi a goodbye and started walking to the village.

The sun had set, everything is getting dark. Rumi already used to play in the darkness though so walking around the tall grass is nothing for her. Now that she was alone. She must put more effort into this, she really wants to find that caterpie again. She decided to try another method, the most direct one.

“Caterpie. O caterpie. Where are youuu....” No reply. Rumi really hoped the caterpie would suddenly appeared and said ‘I’m here’ or something. She kept walking while calling the caterpie until she bumped into something. When Rumi looked at it, a shadow lunged at Rumi and covered her mouth! Rumi screamed but nothing could be heard from her except her muffled scream. The shadow whispered,

“Silence! Your voice can lure them here.” Rumi didn’t even bother to listen to the shadow and bite the hand that covered her mouth. Rumi expected the hand to got loose, but the hand didn’t even budge, and it reeks of manure. “pssssh! Listen.”

Knowing her struggle would fail. Rumi heed the shadow’s word and listen. But there was nothing extraordinary. Just the sounds of crickets, frogs, owls and occasionaly lambs. Wait, there’s some other sound. Rumi listened more carefully to this unfamiliar sound. It’s like the bark of dogs, but different, more... dangerous , she guessed. The shadow whispered to her the answer,

“The Grim Reapers.” The shadow uncover its ninja mask, revealing a middle aged man with unkempt dirty blonde hair and unshaven beard. With lot of dirts, filths and grass on his black garb, this man looks like he just drowned in a sewer, rolling down on a hill then spent days hiding in the meadow. That last part probably right though.

“W-who are you?” After knowing her captor to be a human and not some kind of shadow monster, Rumi felt more relaxed, a bit. The man’s forehead was twitching, it’s like he was pondering something.

The barks sounds a slightly louder.

“Just call me Malvoy. What is your name, kiddo? How old are you?”

“R-rumi. I’m 10. Why?” The sudden question about her age actually scares Rumi. This man sounds like those kidnappers in the TV.

“So it’s 6 years. Allright you can do. Kid, do you want to become pokemon trainer?”

Hearing the man’s word. Rumi’s eyes lit up and she quickly said “yes!”. The man then took out two pokeballs from his pocket. On one of the pokeballs, he wrote a big ‘M’ with a marker.

The barks sounds louder than before. Now Rumi could heard that there was more than one of this ‘grim reaper’.

“Listen kid. I will give you a pokemon. But promise me this: Bring this signed pokeball on your journey later. Someday I will have you give it back to me, the signed pokeball I mean. How is that deal?” Rumi didn’t even need to think about the answer.

“I accept!!” She was flying through her fantasyland. She was just an ordinary kid this morning, but tomorrow she would become pokemon trainer! Since when dream was this easy? But Rumi didn’t even care, she just want-

“OOY, KID!” Malvoy yanked Rumi into reality. The barks could be heard clearly. They were closing the gap and would likely to arrived here in seconds, Rumi could felt her body shivering. Malvoy shoved two pokeballs into her hands and said,


Rumi turned around and ran for her life, her vision blurry and she could felt iron in her mouth, she probably bite her tongue. She didn’t dare to look back. Not when she heard the barks getting too close for her liking. Not when Malvoy’s screams tore the night sky. Not when a sudden silence filled the entire world, or was it just in her head? She only dare to looked back when she arrived at her house, door locked. Her whole body was shaking in fear and she was panting heavily. What happened? Did she just got involved in something bigger that she could comprehend? Who is Malvoy? Did she made the right decision? Rumi’s train of thought stopped at that question. She looked at her newly acquired pokeball.

Yes, I made the right decision.
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