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Pokesonas: Eeveelutions ~ Abby and Benji

by Il Fantasma

Abigail.png Benjamin.png
Il Fantasma Sorry they're so small. I couldn't figure out how to enlarge them without them getting super blurry... :|

Anyway, I made some new Pokesonas! Meet Abigail the Glaceon and Benjamin the Leafeon! I dunno why, but I love Benji much more than Abby. It's probably his color scheme. :p

I figured out that recoloring Pokemon sprites is a much-easier thing to do than to draw out a pic.

Their forms are incomplete, but I'll finish them once I have the time!

Name: Benjamin (Benji for short)
: male
Species: Leafeon
Sexuality: homosexual
Human Age: 16 years
Ability: Leaf Guard
Level: 46
Nature: jolly
Moves: Sunny Day, Synthesis, Swords Dance, Helping Hand
Personality: optimistic, proud, enthusiastic
Likes: sweet foods, heat, Snapple
Dislikes: dry foods, rain, discriminators
Dream Job: stay-at-home dad

Name: Abigail (Abby for short)
: female
Species: Glaceon
Sexuality: bisexual
Human Age: 16 years
Ability: Ice Body
Level: 46
Nature: rash
Moves: Blizzard, Last Resort, Ice Fang, Covet
Personality: wise, decisive, intense
Likes: dry foods, drawing, Tumblr
Dislikes: bitter foods, video games, summer
Dream Job: Pokemon police officer

Credit for the original sprites goes to the Pokemon Company
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