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Eevee for Smash! #1

by Clunpsy

IMG_20200401_200030.jpg IMG_20200401_200144.jpg IMG_20200401_200205.jpg IMG_20200401_200212.jpg
Clunpsy 'cuz of the virus I have a heck of a ton of time on my hands
So I drew an entire Smash Ultimate move set for Eevee. Its so big that I have to split it into multiple posts.
I felt like doing more sooo... I'm gonna make an actual good move set for Sans as well. Possible more?
My drawing (mainly 'cuz most things are facing the side) and writing aren't very good so ya might not be able to read or see anything. I might have to recreate this digitally now that I think about it.
Anyways enjoy ^_^