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Eclipse's Journal: Eclipse's Journal (Page Four) The Black Shadow In The Sky?!?

by Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Im very sick. VERY SICK! im bout to have myself a dentist appointment, My Stomach hurts.. and my legs are sore from yesterdays basketball game. I thought of a idea I used a long time ago in making books and its two fakemon that lasted 2 years of thinking in my head. Introducing... Ninjcat! (Nin-Jay-Cat) The Water/Ghost type, and Yellowstar (Yell-low-Star) The Fire/Fairy type. These characters might not be in this chapter... but might be in the next one or so.. Enjoy the book!

Ill also make the series a tag bit faster so its not just one hour a day. Ill be working on it for two to three hours a day!!
New Character Bio! (Before we start the story)

Name: Ninjcat
Species: Ninjcat (Nin-Jay-Cat)
Gender: Male
Type: Water/Ghost
Species Gender Ratio: 80% Male/ 20% Female
Moves he might be using in the story: Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Water Shuriken, Water Blade, Fusion Beam, Fusion Shuriken, Galaxy Blade, Galaxy Distortion.

New Moves It has Bio:
Fusion Beam
Power: 100
Accuracy: 90

Power doubles when used with any Fusion Move (Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Fusion Beam, Fusion Shuriken)

Water Blade
Power: 70-120
Accuracy: 100

The Lower the User's HP, the more damage it does (Max 120 at 1/4 HP)

Fusion Shuriken
Power: 20
Accuracy: 100 (75 if used with fusion move)

Hits 1-3 Times.. Hit ratio maxes to 5 when used with any Fusion Move (Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, Fusion Beam, Fusion Shuriken)

Galaxy Blade
Power: 100
Accuracy: 70-100

The more turns that pass with Ninjcat active. The more accuracy this move has (Max 100 after 10 turns.)

Galaxy Distortion Power: --- Accuracy: 50-100

The more turns that pass with Ninjcat active. The more accuracy this move has (Max 100 after 5 turns.) Also puts the opponent to sleep or confuses.

Ok I am tired and posting this book at Midnight. I need to type fast before I fall asleep and this resets.. LETS GET STARTED!!

Ill post Yellowstars Bio next story!


Lunchtime. The time of day where the drama starts.. well in my last schools. I slowly look to the sign " we are having tacos for lunch for 3.00$ each. With a bottle of fresh orange juice and a side of salad for 2.00$" I read the sign and sighed. Five dollars? Geez.. all scholars were in a line paying up their 5.00$. When it was finally my turn. I decided to buy two bottles of orange juice... Usually because im thirsty by night. I sat down at a random table and looked at everyone there. My friends at the table was Sparks, Sunshine, Alice, Rowley, and a couple of other pokes I forgot down the lane. I looked around the lunchroom and saw some big collage pokeon fighting over whats theirs. "What are they doing here anyway?" I asked myself In my thoughts. "This is a high school.." I looked over toward the two fighting. A male Cinccino and a male Houndoom.. was fighting over lunch money. The area got intense really fast after they got to fighting. They were throwing food, Attacking with their moves, and shouting at each other. Teachers tried to stop the fighting.. I soon got annoyed once someone threw ice cream at me during the fight. "Grrrrr! I growled. Starting to feel... different.. I turned a shot a shadow ball at the Pokemon that had threw food at me. And in seconds, the whole lunchroom turned and looked at me like I was crazy. I quietly talked to Sparks saying I was gonna fled. I quickly ran upstairs to my next hour.. Math and sat there untill it was done. Without eating...

At the end of the day. I walked home with Sparks, since he lives a couple blocks down from me. When I arrived at home at 5:00PM I saw a bunch of trucks storing boxes into a house. I decided to go check who moved in our neighborhood and say hi. What came to a surprise was that I saw Sunshine standing in that house full of boxes! I came and said hi. "Oh ummm, Hello Sunshine!" I studdered. "Are you moving into this neighborhood?" I asked Shyly. "Yep!" Sunshine nodded. "I kinda like it here.. its calm.. Oh yeah my parents would like to meet you to umm... say hi and thank you." Sunshine pointed to her parents. A Jolteon and a Absol was talking to a little pokemon. "Hi! I am Eclipse! I am your daughter's friend at school!" I said to them cheerfully. "Oh.. there you are. Are you the one that helped evolved our daughter into a beautiful Espeon she could possibly be?" The Absol asked. I didnt helped her.. she got really happy one day and evolved. I did tell her that she can evolve by happiness.
So I kinda helped?? I dont know.. but its a honor to meet you. Anyways I need to go home and work on homework.. see you later!" And I left for my house. I heard them saying behind my back that i was a kind eevee and helpful to others.. i smiled, happy that the first day of school was a success. But before I walked in my house.. I saw a black shadow up in the shining sky. Kinda looking like a Darkrai. It was talking to a black eevee with red wings. I decided to ignore it though.. and stepped Inside...
  1. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Depends. I have the idea for the future of this series, but I don’t feel the urge of making more. I need an idea.
    Nov 2, 2017
  2. Pokemon Ranger Kip
    Pokemon Ranger Kip
    Are you going to keep writing this?
    Oct 3, 2017
  3. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Im going to bed now...
    Feb 17, 2017