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Ean and the three stones part 1

by EeveeBoy

EeveeBoy it was 9:59 am till....
it was 9:59 AM,till....*RING RING RING* "AAAAHHH' -WACK- "owwww.... my head" Ean Said "Sweety its time for breakfest!!" "coming mom..." Ean replyed , as Ean was walking he soon realised it was his 10th birthday "wait! its my birthday and im getting a pokemon!!" Ean then ran back to his room grabbed his eevee coat and slippers and ran out the door yelling "BYE MOM!!" "but honey you need to eat" "NOT HUNGRY" he reyplyed. ean was so eager but when he got there no one was there and it seemed like the pokemon were gone "h--hello?" "eevee?" something replyed, "whos there??" then out from the darkness came a small little pokemon that looked much like a fox "ev?" "oh! its and eevee! my favorite" then ean turned and saw a note on a desk saying "dear trainer,im on vacation and i have no one to watch my lab so who ever is reading this please watch my lab,but if your looking for a pokemon please take this eevee -dr.El smith" and above the not was a pokemon ball that said eevee on it but written in a different langauge. ean looked surprised to get eevee as his starter pokemon so he grabbed the pokemon ball and ran out the door and eevee followed him,when he got home he ate breakfest and showed his mother his new pokemon then he left and set off on his adventure! -to be contuined