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DuskFeather's Lie: DuskFeather's Lie Intro

by _Umbreon_

_Umbreon_ A Warrior Fanfiction
So this will be about my charcter DuskFeather. This takes place 20 years after the Fourth Apprentice series and Takes you through the Collaspe of the clans. Obviously this is not cannon to the Warriors franchise, and they belong to their Rightful owner(s). I will write the first chapter tommorow. But I'll give you guys a teaser into the story.


Cold. Wet. Miserable. Those were the words that were beaten into his head by the icy rain. The roof of the Medicine hut was in tatters due to the nonstop torrential rain.

In the distance over the rain he heard a faint mewl, which belonged to that of a hungry kit. Which was shushed a few moments later. A fit of coughing broke out in the Warriors den, which resulted in a few protests and eventually all went silent.

White Cough was spreading through the Clan. The Elders and The Leader had contracted it wouldn't be long before they all got it. They Moaned in the back of his cramped den. And worse yet, he had nothing to ease the pain of the miserable cats around him. His name was DuskFeather. He knew his clan was doomed. And it was all his fault.