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by Mockingchu

Mockingchu Drake, a Dragon Master, recruits Rayquaza to battle an ancient evil.
Drake grunted as he pulled himself on to the top of the mountain. From the top of Mt. Coronet, you could almost see every part of Sinnoh. He let all six of his Pokemon out so they could enjoy the view with him.
Garchomp, Kommo-o, Haxorus, Hydreigon, Charizard, and Salamence came out of their Pokeballs, and sat next to Drake, admiring the view. The sun was setting over the Sinnoh Sea.
"Gar," Garchomp said happily.
"Ko-o," Kommo-o agreed, nodding.
"I agree," Drake nodded, "Views don't get much better than this one."
"Char-zar," Charizard said.
"Okay, okay," Drake chuckled, "You got me there. That was a pretty spectacular view. But circumstances weren't great."
"Hydrei," Hydreigon nodded adamantly.
Suddenly, an explosion made Drake jump. He teetered back and forth on the cliff, until Garchomp steadied him.
"Garchomp?" Garchomp asked.
"I don't know," Drake admitted, "But we need to find out. You all fan out and find whatever made that explosion."
"Sala-sala," Salamence said, and shot into the sky.
Hydreigon and Charizard followed into the sky, while Garchomp, Kommo-o, and Haxorus searched on the ground. Drake grabbed onto Garchomp's back and they sped across the mountain top. They reached the other end of the peak, without finding anything.
"If it's not on the ground, then it's in the sky," Drake deduced, "So it's up to Salamence, Hydreigon, and Charizard."
A few minutes later, the dragons returned to Drake, with nothing to report.
"How could someone vanish into thin air?" Drake questioned, rubbing his temples.
"Hax!" Haxorus cried, pointing to something.
A massive black portal was opening, with smoke oozing out. Behind the smoke was a massive legendary Pokemon.
"Giratina," Drake gasped. The Pokemon of antimatter. Banished to the Distortion World by Arceus. How was it breaking free?
"GIRA!" Giratina screeched, sending a blast of energy into a boulder, blasting it to bits. Then, it was sucked back into the portal, and the portal snapped shut.
"Well that explains the explosion," Drake said, "But if Giratina breaks free of the Distortion World..."
"Chom," Garchomp said, shaking in fear.
"That's right," Drake nodded, "If Giratina breaks free, then it could destroy the whole world."
"Kommo-o!" Kommo-o grunted, pounding his knuckles together.
"You're right. We need a way to stop it," Drake agreed, "But we'll need help."
"Sal?" Salamence suggested.
"That's crazy, but it might just work..."

Drake covered his eyes as a bright flash lit up the sky. A roar filled the air, and Drake's hair stood on end. Drake had climbed onto Sky Pillar, and had recited the ancient chant rumored to summon Rayquaza. Sure enough, Rayquaza was here.
"Ray..." Rayquaza growled, circling Drake.
"Oh Rayquaza," Drake said, quivering, "I've come to request your assistance."
"What is it you need my assistance for?" Rayquaza rasped.
"Giratina," Drake said, becoming more confident. He hadn't been incinerated yet...
"Giratina?" Rayquaza asked in its metallic voice, "It is locked away in the Distortion World."
"It's trying to break free," Drake explained, "And it's succeeding. It will come out from a Distortion Portal for a few seconds, before being sucked back in. But if it manages to get all the way out-"
"The world will be destroyed," Rayquaza nodded.
"Please help me," Drake pleaded.
"Very well," Rayquaza hissed, and shot back into the sky.
"Wait! Rayquaza!" Drake called up. No response. Instead, Drake saw a glowing yellow light in the sky. Rayquaza reappeared. It had Mega Evolved.
"I am ready," Rayquaza said, bowing its head to allow Drake to climb onto its back.
"Let's go stop Giratina," Drake grinned.
Mega Rayquaza and Drake sped off towards Sinnoh. Drake hoped that they'd make it back in time. It had taken quite a while to reach Sky Pillar, so Giratina might be ready to break free from the Distortion World!

Drake and Mega Rayquaza arrived at Spear Pillar.
"Where is Giratina?" Rayquaza asked as Drake slid off of his back.
"Just wait a minute," Drake said, "A portal will appear any-"
Suddenly, Drake was blown away by a portal bursting into existence. Giratina, in its Origin Forme, shot out of the portal. Black chains held Giratina, but Giratina continued to push forward until the chains broke. Mega Rayquaza blocked Giratina.
"You were banished from this world!" Rayquaza roared.
"But now I'm free," Giratina responded in a scratchy voice, "Free to destroy this pitiful world. Free to destroy all who opposed me. Including you Rayquaza."
Rayquaza roared, and flew into the sky.
"Hide while you can," Giratina cackled. But Rayquaza had no intention of hiding. It shot down out of the sky, and slammed into Giratina, locking its jaw around the Renegade Pokemon's neck. Giratina growled, and vanished in a poof of smoke. Rayquaza looked around for Giratina, and spotted it flying towards Jubilife City.
Drake ran over and jumped on Rayquaza's back. Rayquaza took off and headed for Giratina.
"GIRAAAAAA!" Giratina cried, sending a black beam to destroy a section of Jubilife City. Rayquaza used ExtremeSpeed, and then used Hyper Beam to counter the black beam Giratina had created.
"Go everyone!" Drake ordered, sending out all six of his Pokemon, "Bring down Giratina!"
Drake's Pokemon blasted Giratina mercilessly with vicious attacks. Giratina's antimatter beam began to weaken. Rayquaza pressed forward, nearing Giratina. Giratina closed its eyes, and flew back to Spear Pillar.
"We- we did it!" Drake exclaimed.
"Not yet," Rayquaza said.
"Everyone return," Drake said, recalling his Pokemon.
"Giratina is going back to Spear Pillar to gather Negative Energy," Rayquaza said, "But I don't what it's planning."
"We had better stop it before we find out," Drake said. Rayquaza nodded, and followed Giratina to Spear Pillar. When they reached the ancient ruins, they saw an orb of shadows. Giratina was inside the orb.
"Come out Giratina!" Rayquaza ordered, "The battle is over. You have lost."
"The battle has only just begun," Giratina hissed evilly.
Giratina burst out of the shadow orb. It had Mega Evolved. It was more snakelike and sinister, and the smoke billowing from its back had created a hazy veil around it.
"I didn't think Giratina could Mega Evolve!" Drake exclaimed.
"Fear the wrath of my power!" Giratina boomed.
"I will destroy you," Rayquaza growled. The two Legendary beasts clashed, creating a bright flash. Drake squeezed his eyes shut, and fell off of Rayquaza. He hit the ground with a thud, and rolled onto his back. He managed to send out his Pokemon. But most of them had used too much energy combating Giratina at Jubilife. Only Garchomp, Drake's first Pokemon, was still able to battle.
"Garar!" Garchomp roared.
"I know you can Garchomp," Drake nodded, "Now use Dragon Rush!"
Garchomp burst into blue flames, and flew towards Giratina. He slammed into the side of the beast, and the smoky veil around Giratina dissipated. Rayquaza used Dragon Ascent, and brought down Giratina. The Antimatter Legendary shimmered out of Mega form, and back into Altered Form.
"You. Have. Lost."
Rayquaza roared, calling to another Pokemon. A stronger Pokemon. A ray of light protruded through the dark clouds around Spear Pillar, and Arceus floated down to the ruins.
"You have done very well Rayquaza," Arceus said in a smooth, deep voice.
"Thank you my lord," Rayquaza said, curling up as if to bow.
"Now I believe you have other matters to attend to," Arceus said knowingly.
"Yes indeed," Rayquaza nodded, and shot off into outer space.
"And you," Arceus said, turning to face Drake.
"Wha- what about me?" Drake asked nervously.
"You showed much courage," Arceus said, "Requesting the help of Rayquaza was a very brave feat. You will not go unrewarded. If you need my help, call to me with the Flute of Arceus. I will be there."
With that, Arceus dissolved into golden vapor, leaving behind a small flute with the symbols of all 18 types on it. Drake was left there with Garchomp and the flute, marveling at the view.
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