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Random Doodles: Doodle 7

by Shiny Pyxis

2015-04-03 12.48.01.png
Shiny Pyxis Not so random anymore, huh? Kagamine Rin this time! Actually, way back when, Rin was probably the first serious drawing I ever attempted back in I think 9th or 10th grade. I really want to say I improved since then but... well, here you can see I messed up BIG TIME with proportions.

But by the time I realized, the drawing was done and I had no intention of erasing everything again.

I'm well aware her torso is half a head too short. This affected her arms and legs also becoming really short and just... yeah. At least her head and face actually look decent this time? <<

(and please ignore the eraser smudges on the side, I couldn't get rid of them no matter how hard I tried)

EDIT: Also just noticed we have a flash challenge going on :o does this count as #flashchallenge because of the little story I put up there? ;;
  1. Stelluna
    Kagamine Rin?
    Feb 13, 2016
  2. Thomas Runner
    Thomas Runner
    Apr 3, 2015