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Disaster Characters

by DeadCamoSeptic

DeadCamoSeptic [​IMG]Pokemon Ranch

Name: Bullet

Species: Sceptile

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Type: Grass (Mega: Grass/Dragon)

Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Claw

Attributes: Blades are longer than normal Sceptile, Bigger than most Sceptile; Bullet Can Mega evolve.

[​IMG]Name: Slitter

Species: Scizor

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Type: Bug/Steel

Ability: Technician

Moves: Iron Head, Hyper Beam, X Scissor, Metal Claw

Breed Moves: Hyper Beam

Attributes: Claws are bigger than normal, Smaller than most Scizor and fastest member of the team

[​IMG]Name: Drachen

Species: Salemence

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Type: Dragon/Flying

Ability: Moxie

Moves: Hyper Beam, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Hyper Voice

Breed Moves: Hyper Voice

Attributes: Wings are bigger than most Salemence so it can carry 2 humans and 6 Pokémon out of Pokeballs And he is a different Colour and can Mega evolve

[​IMG]Name: Sneake

Species: Greninja

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Type: Water/Dark

Ability: Battle Bond/Protein

Moves: Scald, Water Shuriken, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse

Attributes: Different Coloured, And can ‘Change Form’

[​IMG]Name: Tri-Bolt

Species: Dodrio

Gender: Male (Males have black necks)

OT: Dead

Type: Flying/Normal

Ability: Early Bird

Moves: Tri-Attack, Drill-Peck, Fly, Extreme-Speed

Breed Moves: Extreme-Speed

Attributes: Longer Legs than other Dodrio, Longer Necks than other Dodrio and its head work is sync

[​IMG]Name: Slick

Species: Salazzle

Gender: Female (It can only be Female)

OT: Dead

Type: Fire/Poison

Ability: Corrosion

Moves: Flame Thrower, Sludge Wave, Toxic, Dragon Pulse

Attributes: Longer Tale

[​IMG]Name: Sarah

Species: Gardevoir

Gender: Female

OT: Jake

Ability: Telepathy

Type: Psychic/Fairy

Moves: Moon-Blast, Psychic, Hidden Power, Protect

[​IMG]Name: Sickle

Species: Toxicroak

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Type: Poison/Fighting

Ability: Dry Skin

Moves: Brick Break, Fake Out, Poison Jab, Earthquake

Breed Moves: Fake Out, Earthquake

Attributes: Longer claws and a bigger toxic bag under his throat to make it more powerful

[​IMG]Name: Blaster

Species: Blastoise

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Ability: Torrent

Type: Water

Moves: Hydro Cannon, Flash Cannon, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse

[​IMG]Name: Scorpio

Species: Gliscor

Gender: Male

OT: Jake

Ability: Sand Rush

Type: Ground/Flying

Moves: Earthquake, Fire Fang, Stone Edge, Thunder Fang

Attributes: Longer Wings and Longer Tails

[​IMG]Name: Trexer

Species: Tyranitar

Gender: Female

OT: Jake

Type: Rock/Dark

Ability: Sand Rush

Moves: Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse, Stone Edge, Earthquake

Attributes: More fierce rage than most but she can control it.

[​IMG]Name: Charlie

Species: Lycanroc Mid-Day

Gender: Female

OT: Dead

Type: Rock

Ability: Keen eye

Moves: Accelerock, Stone edge, Crunch, Stealth Rock

Attributes: Sister to Connor the Lycanroc Mid-Night

[​IMG]Name: Connor

Species: Lycanroc Mid-Night

Gender: Male

OT: Jake

Type: Rock

Ability: Keen Eye

Moves: Crunch, Sandstorm, Stone Edge, Slash

Attributes: Brother to Charlie The Lycanroc Mid-Day

[​IMG]Name: Owen

Species: Umbreon

Gender: Male

OT: Dead

Type: Dark

Ability: Synchronise

Moves: Dark Pulse, Bite, Quick Attack, Night Shade

Attributes: He has a sister called Mya

[​IMG]Name: Mya

Species: Espeon

Gender: Female

OT: Jake

Type: Psychic

Ability: Synchronise

Moves: Psychic, Toxic, Quick Attack, Psybeam

Attributes: Older Sister to Owen the Umbreon