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Digimon: Digimon: The Great Blue Element Chapter 3: Arrival

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja Well i have bad news. My USB has broken so i cant put up pictures of the ultimates and mega digimon :( So you guys will have to imagine what it looks like through my barely understandable descriptions XD but the champions rookies and lessers i have on here, so i can add those in :)
It had been an entire day since they met, Noah was up first and gave some food to Frostmon

Noah: So... you feeling any better?

Frostmon eats the food and says

Frostmon: Mhmm... Yeah they are great :)

Noah: I still find it wierd you can talk...

Frostmon: Why? you can talk, like me. I dont see the problem

Noah: Well... here humans aren't used to uh...

Frostmon: I am A Digimon, a digital Life form.

Noah: oh ok ...

Frostmon: And i came here to find you

Noah: Huh? Why me?

Frostmon: We need to find the digidestined of the elements. I believe i fought two of them. You were close by and it helped me digivolved, but they attacked me

Noah: Digidestined? Elements???

Frostmon: Right, your new to this... I'll start from the beggining...

...There were soon life blooming in the digital world, but one thing it did not have was control... Wars were starting, digimon were killed or deleted as i should say, it was utter chaos. Then... an unknown number of mega Digimon carried different elements, MetalSharkmon tames the seas, ArchBladedramon is the master of darkness, and the strongest Salvatimon is a holy gaurdian of fire and the leader of the elementals. But they soon disapered and there ancestors were soon born millions of Digi years later...

Noah: ok so... what does that have to do with us?

Frostmon: I am one of those descendants. I have the element of Ice

Noah: Oh! Frostmon... I get it

Frostmon: Exactly. I heard that others had been reborn. and i fought two of them. Pyromon and Stumpmon... or in their higher forms Pyrodramon and Forrestomon

Noah: So what are these levels anyway?

Frostmon: I'll explain later, but we have some girls and digimon to find!

They race out the door after breakfast...


Bloom: So Pyro... not that im upset you returned, but why did you?

Pyromon: I dont know, we just got summoned here by Lucaressmon and she told us to go find you guys. Also something about a new element

The girls all gained surprised faces

Zai: There's another one!?

Pyromon: *Nods* There are tons of them, but this one has just showed up, the element of ice. And with an element digimon...

Bloom: ... There should be a Digidestined for that element!

Pyromon: Exactly!

Flambemon: So how do we find this child?

Stella: Hmm, well she has to be around somewhere

Tecna: She?

Stella: Well we're all girls, and Zai is. so i figured all the element gaurdians must be female

Tecna: That is ridiculous and illogical *Glares at stella*

Bloom: Well whoever it is, we Have to find them, and fast

When suddenly, a Odd blood red colored portal opens and A Septimon appears, His main body is a huge green eye, but his mouth is hidden in his metal armored body with arms and legs. Instead of the happy blue glow in his eye, it was black and red and he looked very enraged

Bloom: Hey Septimon! It's me Bloom :)

Septimon starts to charge at them but they dodge just in time

Pyromon: Something's wrong...

Just then more Septimon start to appear now there are 6 of them

Bloom: We have no choice! Winx... Digivolve!

(BTW winx is their digidestined team name in this story if you get confused XD)

*Digivolution Theme*
Pyromon! Digivolve to...

Flambemon! Digivolve to...

Stumpmon! Digivolve to...
Gilmon! Digivolve to...
Voltamon! Digivolve to...
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