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Digimon: Digimon: The Great Blue Element Chapter 2: The Return

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja well, here is chapter 2, as like before the themes will be below, and there will be different music per chapter, some will have the same, but its worth checking out :)
The battle in gardenia resumed with Chilldramon and Pyrodramon

Pyrodramon: Pyro Stream!

Pyrodramon shoots a torrent of flames, but Chilldramon climbs a building with acrobatic skills and dodges the flames.

Bloom: Pyro!
Pyrodramon: Right!

Bloom climbs up on Pyrodramon's back and the digimon spreads his burning wings and flies up to face the ice dragon digimon.

Meanwhile down on the streets, many people were watching and the brown haired girl from the store rushed over to the scene. She looked up to see Pyrodramon and Bloom battling Chilldramon.

that is when a small thing poked at her leg and she looked down to see a small creature like a child, but made of wood.
Stumpmon: Flora...
Flora: Stumpmon!

She is surprised seeing her partner digimon but soon snaps back to reality and looks at the fight

Stumpmon: They need us
Flora: Yes, let's go Stumpmon

Flora's digivice glows

(Brave Heart Song)
"Stumpmon Digivolve to..."


The giant forrest spirit digimon climbed up the building like something from king kong, and finally got up there with flora

Forrestomon: Stump Pummel!

Forrestomon Bashes Chilldramon with his huge fists. Bloom and Pyro Look over in surprise

Bloom: Flora! Thanks for the help

Flora:Of course! What else are friends for?

Chilldramon gets up and pushes Forrestomon off him, and quickly runs off

Chilldramon: They're not the ones i must find, i have no business with them

Bloom: Hey, He's getting away!

Flora: Umm , i think we have bigger problems Bloom

Flora points to all the people watching below and cameras

Bloom: Oh... right,

Forrestomon De-Digivolves back to stumpmon and they get on Pyro's back

Bloom: Think you can still fly good after all this time, or are you still "Adapting"?

The others laugh and Pyro gives his tamer a glare

Pyro: hey, the smart remarks are my thing Bloom :p get your own

He starts to fly and heads back to Bloom's house, as he lands he turns back into Pyromon.

Bloom: I say we remake our base here like we did before, we gotta find out what we're up against.

Flora: That makes sense, maybe we should call the others and tell them about this.

They head up to Bloom's room to see 5 Other girls and 5 small creatures.
The first had long blond hair, and wore her usual pink and yellow jacket. This was Stella, and her digimon sat on her shoulder, it looked like a small Pheonix, this was Flambemon.


The next girl Had short cut pink hair and had her purple and green vest, this was Tecna, and she sat beside her digimon, a yellow Ladybug like digimon, Voltamon

The third had dark brown hair and light brown skin, she wore her usual Tee and shorts and sat Beside Tecna. This was Aisha. Her partner was beside her, a small blue fish like digimon on two legs, Gilmon

The fourth had Long blue hair, she had her headphones on each of her shoulders and smiled at the group, this was the always Upbeat Musa. Her partner was a pink cat like digimon with musical symbols on its forehead and chest, this was Beatmon
The Last and final girl had Long Black hair, and a dark blue/black shirt and pants, she was once actually their enemy, but was only being played as a Puppet by Draculamon, now she fights with them against any threat and has become close friends with Bloom, but she wont admit that of course. This was Zai. Her digimon was a small black dragon, with headphones and carries a Mic like weapon with a huge axe on it. This was Rockermon

Zai: It's about time you showed up
As she says in her usual sarcastic tone when shes around the other girls...

Bloom: We got a bit... sidetracked. but it seems you all have met your digimon as well.

Rockermon: It is good to be back, but why are we here in the first place? Not that i missed any of you

Pyromon: Oh rockermon. always the same arent you :D

Zai: some things never change dragon breath.

Bloom: Ok enough. We got attacked by a digimon.

Everyone took a more serious glance.

Aisha: What was it?

Bloom: Im not sure, but it was a huge blue dragon, covered in ice

Tecna: I'll do a scan on the Digimon Analyzer

She starts to begin the program and looks for the described digimon but it does not seem to have been found

Tecna: Im sorry, but there's no digimon like that in here

Stella: Ooh! Maybe it's an undiscovered digimon, maybe even an Alien.

The group gives a glare at stella

Stella: What? With all the things we fight aliens are the most normal explanation if not a digimon.

Bloom: This is serious stella, this thing could do some real damage...
and it could hurt people...

Meanwhile, at a house on the other side of town

Noah: *Stretches* Wow today has been long, he has his dark blue Pj's on and soon brushes his teeth and other night time things he has to do. He is about to head off to bed when...


He goes out side and sees his family's garbage knocked over, he looks over to see a few stray cats hissing at a injured Frostmon. Noah races over and shoos the cats away, then he looks at the small creature

Noah: Hey, you look hurt

Frostmon tries to get up but is very weak

Noah: hang on, ill take you inside.

He races off in his house and starts banging on his mothers door

Noah's mother: What is it Noah?

Noah: I-I found this creature... and i think its hurt

Noah shows his mother the injured Frostmon

Noah's mother: Oh dear, hang on

She goes to get some medical supplies and lays frostmon gently on the bed.

Noah's mother: By the way Noah, do you know what kind of animal this is?

Noah: Umm... no i cant say i do, it looks like a dragon, but those arent real.

Noah's Mother: hmm, well whatever it is it will have to stay here for tonight, then you can let it go in the morning, its not too injured, but it looks like it was in a real scrap.

Noah: ok, I hope it'll be ok

Noah's mother: Dont worry dear, it will be ok. Just head off to bed now ok?

Noah: Alright, Goodnight.

Noah heads off to his room and is about to lie down in bed when he finds a mysterious device on his bed, it is white and looks like one of those old tamagahi toys, but then the screen turns on and it activates

Digivice: NOAH

Noah cant believe what he is seeing as the digivice turns a dark blue color, and his name appears on the screen...
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