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Digimon: Aegiochusmon Water

by Shen: King of Digimon

Shen: King of Digimon Aegiochusmon is a Digimon that exists when Aegiomon adapts to an element, shifting into a form that not only resists the element, but thrives using it for it's own advantage. Aegiochusmon water is no different. Aegiochusmon is seen gleefully flying about using it's foam bubble jet boosters mounted on it's back, gracefully dancing through the sky and water with equal form and function.


Aerios Trident: Aegiochusmon fires off the trident, a cable attached to it from the back. After it forks into a target, it allows Aegiochusmon to draw them in. Alternatively, the trident could be used as a drill.

Bounding Mane: fires a high intensity cutting stream of water from his chest that slices through steel like butter. Highly uncontrollable after the initial blast.

Swivel Spume: Fires up it's foam jets with red hot intensity. After doing a strafing run over a target, boiling hot bubbles drop from the sky and latch onto foes, singeing their skin.