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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Porygon-Z vs Missingno

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The two glitched artificial Pokémon fight in a Death Battle! (All information comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Me: Well, I'm back, but that's beside the point.
Pain: Pokémon can be born, or they can be created. Mewtwo, you know a lot about that...
Eeveechu: But not everything goes to plan. Sometimes, there are glitches, and Pokémon end up as a tangled mess of code. We present to you, Porygon Z, the Virtual Pokémon.
Me: And Missingno, The forgotten glitch of Generation 1.
Pain: He's Mewtwofan and I'm Lord of Pain!
Eeveechu: The name is Eeveechu151!
Me: And it's our job to analyze their Movepools, Stats, and Abilities to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: Artificial Pokémon don't always turn out great, heck, hardly any of them do. Mewtwo's a villain sometimes, we got the unfindable Ditto, the uncontrollable Type:Null, the unstoppable Genesect, and the topic of today, the unfixable Porygon-Z .
Eeveechu: Porygon was one of, if not the most successful artificial Pokémon ever created. (You know, besides giving all those kids seizures, but I digress) So naturally, when something is successful, you make more of them. *Cough* Scott Cawthon *Cough*
Me: They upgraded Porygon into Porygon2, and also, it was a complete success. Porygon kept getting stronger as they inserted more disks, but they took it a little bit too far.
Pain: The new "Porygon-Z" was given additional software in order to increase its abilities. The initial idea was to give it the ability to travel through alternate dimensions, but an error occurred bigger than the time that Mewtwofan accused T-
Me: We don't speak of that.
Eeveechu: Instead, the Porygon began acting erratically, glitched. Something was wrong with the Dubious Disc. Thus, Porygon-Z was born.
Me: Although technically a virtual, manmade Pokémon, Porygon-Z does have a physical body. Its head is fuchsia and ovoid in shape with a short, blunt antenna protruding upwards and a blue bill similar to that of a duck.
Pain: Its eyes are yellow and have black rings, similar to a bulls-eye. The head is completely detached from the body and floats slightly above it. Its smooth, ovoid body is fuchsia with a blue ring connecting its arms.
Eeveechu: Two arms are loosely connected to its upper body and other than their blue color, have no features. The tail is also blue and featureless, but slightly resembles a paddle.
Me: Porygon-Z's ability is Adaptability, which increases Same Type Attack Bonus. Even though it should be Steel/Psychic type, Porygon-Z is a pure Normal type, weak to Fighting and immune to Ghost.
Pain: Porygon-Z has pretty balanced stats. 70 In Defense, 75 in Special Defense, 80 in Attack, 85 in HP, 90 in Speed, and a massive 135 Special Attack, as well as Protect, Conversion 2, Tri Attack, and Thunderbolt.
Eeveechu: Conversion 2, what an interesting move. Conversion 2 will randomly change the user's current type to any type that either resists or is immune to the type of the last damaging move it was hit by.
Me: Glitching, transforming, spreading. Taking over information. There's only one word that truly defines Porygon-Z. Virus.
Pain: Generation 1 wasn't the most well programmed generation. As such, there were a lot of glitches. But none were more famous than Missingno.
Eeveechu: Missingno, as it is displayed in-game due to the ten-character limit in Generation 1 Games, is a duel-type Bird/Normal Glitch Pokémon. The Bird Type, we don't know much about, so we just ignore it.
Me: It has 5 distinct forms, Red and Blue Normal, Ghost, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, and Yellow Normal, the Red and Blue, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, and Ghost forms are all Bird/Normal, while the Yellow form is Normal/Glitch.
Pain: We'll go over the forms 1 by one, starting with the Yellow form. The yellow form is a Normal/Glitch type. It has a speed stat of... 0. A Defense of 11, an Attack of 19, 23 in both Specials, and 178 HP. It knows Pay Day, Bind, Water Gun, and Double-Edge, The Wall.
Eeveechu: Next is the Ghost form. Taking the form of Kubone's Mother, Missingno's Ghost form has 33 HP, 136 Attack 0 Defense... 6 in both Specials, and 29 Speed. It has the moves Mega Kick, Blizzard, Submission, and Swords Dance, the Main Attacker.
Me: Next comes the Kabutops form. Taking the form of a Kabutops Fossil, Missingno's Kabutops form has HP 60, Attack 115, Defense 105, Special Attack 65, Special Defense 70, and Speed 80. It has the moves, Thunder, Earthquake, Psychic, and Bubblebeam, The Special.
Pain: Now comes the Aerodactyl form. Taking the form of an Aerodactyl Fossil, Missingno's Aerodactyl form has 80 HP, 105 Attack, 65 Defense, 60 Special Attack, 75 Special Defense, and 130 Speed. It has the moves, Toxic, Thunder Wave, Rest, and Substitute, the Staller.
Eeveechu: Lastly, we have Missingno's original Red and Blue Form. It has the same stats as the ghost form, and the moves, Sky Attack, Fly, and Water Gun twice. While Missingno may have been a glitch, we can safely say that it all worked out well in the end. Well, except for your Hall Of Fame.

Me: Alright, the combatants are set.
Pain: Let's end this debate once and for all!
Eeveechu151: It's time for a Death Battle!

Silph Co, all the latest advancements in technology happen right here.
But now, they've taken it to the next level.
They're upgrading their artificial Pokémon, to the max.
The scientists took the new Dubious Disc, and prepared to put it in Porygon.
Meanwhile, somewhere else...
It's a world of code, the zeroes and ones form a shape, the shape of Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z: I remember this place... I'm an AI, I have to wait for my host body to be ready before I can enhabit it.
???: Yeah, no.
A blast of energy hits Porygon-Z, throwing him off balance.
A being of pure code appears infront of Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z: W-WHO ARE YOU?!
Missingno: The name is Missingno. I'm a being of code, abandoned by the makers of this cruel world. You think I'll just let the artificial Pokémon walk away and go into the real world. Ha-ha... I was supposed to be a Pokémon. I've been trapped here for many years... Forgotten... alone... cancelled... But now you show up. An artificial Pokémon, still waiting to be activated, Right now, you're just a bunch of 1's and zeroes. I'll destroy you, I'll take your host body, and I. Will. Return!
Porygon-Z defends himself with Protect, which blocks Missingno's Water Gun.
Porygon-Z uses Thunderbolt, striking Missingno, but not damaging him much.
Missingno uses Sky Attack, striking Porygon-Z, he stumbled backwards, but then bounced back with Conversion 2, becoming a Steel Type. Missingno sighed, then flew up into the air. Missingno used Tri-Attack, but it missed. Missingno struck down on Porygon-Z, but it didn't do much.
Missingno: Why won't you die?!
Porygon-Z used Tri-Attack again, it hit Missingno, then exploded with Ice, Fire, and Electricity.
Missingno panted, then laughed.
Missingno: You idiot. I'm only just beginning!
Missingno started glowing, the he transformed into a yellow glitch.
Porygon-Z: What the?!
Yellow shoots Water Gun, sending Porygon-Z into a jumble of code.
Porygon-Z gets up and growls, only to throw Tri Attack again.
Yellow steps forward, then a fist appears, and Yellow punches through the Tri Attack.
Porygon-Z gasps.
Yellow creates a rope, and Binds Porygon-Z in it, doing slight damage to him.
Porygon-Z became trapped in the Bind.
Yellow: You're puny. Why are you even trying?
Porygon-Z: Willpower... And Courage!
Porygon-Z gets close to Yellow and sends out Thunderbolt, electrocuting Yellow.
Yellow: Impressive. Seems a little raw power won't be enough to kill you. Let's try a little strategy.
Yellow's virtual fist appears again and grabs Porygon-Z.
Yellow creates another fist and puts it in front of him, then charges forward with Double-Edge. Yellow is hurt a little by recoil, but Porygon-Z is out-right stunned.
Porygon-Z is hurt by Bind.
Porygon-Z uses Conversion 2, turning him into a Ghost Type.
Yellow throws coins at Porygon-Z, in a Payday.
It doesn't effect Porygon-Z...
Porygon-Z is hurt by Bind.
Porygon-Z uses Protect, which blocks Yellow's attempt at using Water Gun.
Yellow: Look buddy, I know you're new here, but here, we don't play, we just do business.
Porygon-Z cocks his head in confusion.
Yellow starts glowing, and bones fly towards him.
Porygon-Z steps back in terror.
A fossil Kabutops lands, and brandishes his blades.
Fossil: I've had plenty of time to train while I've been stuck here.
Porygon-Z charges forward, and Protects.
Fossil stomps on the digital ground, which causes an Earthquake, or, Codequake?
Porygon-Z isn't hurt, but is hurt by Bind.
Porygon-Z attacks with Thunderbolt, with Fossil just walks off.
Fossil uses Psychic, and Porygon-Z is picked up and thrown into the ground.
Porygon-Z is hurt by Bind, but the Bind is finally released.
Porygon-Z transforms into a Psychic type with Conversion 2.
Fossil laughs.
Fossil: Clever.
A Thundercloud appears, and Fossil attempts to use Thunder, he misses.
Porygon-Z chuckles, then summons the powers of Ice, Fire, and Electricity to use Tri-Attack.
Fossil shakes his head in anger, then shoots a beam of bubbles.
Porygon-Z: You're being hilarious!
Fossil's bones rearrange into a fossil Aerodactyl.
Porygon-Z: Slightly less hilarious.
Fossil uses Thunder Wave, Paralyzing Porygon-Z.
Porygon-Z: Really?
Fossil: You're being too positive, despite just giving you a negative charge.
Porygon-Z tries to use Tri-Attack, but is Paralyzed.
Fossil throws out a Substitute, and hides behind it.
Porygon-Z uses his electricity to summon a Thunderbolt, but the Substitute takes it.
Fossil comes out from behind the substitute, and falls asleep.
Porygon-Z: You......
Fossil is fast asleep...
Porygon-Z is Paralyzed, he can't move.
Porygon-Z: Great.
This goes on for a few turns, Porygon-Z gets a few hits off, but Fossil wakes up and uses Toxic.
Porygon-Z is badly poisoned, he is hurt by poison!
Fossil's bones all break apart, and a ghost rises from the bones.
Porygon-Z throws a Tri-Attack, which Burns Ghost.
Ghost sighs, then sets up a Swords Dance.
Porygon-Z is Paralyzed, he can't move!
Porygon-Z: Alright, playtimes over.
Ghost: Is it?
Ghost uses Submission, and throws Porygon-Z against the ground.
Porygon-Z uses Conversion 2, becoming a Ghost Type.
Ghost: We're one and the same now.
Ghost Mega Kicks Porygon-Z, it has no effect.
Porygon-Z uses one last Thunderbolt, throwing Thunderbolt a few feet.
Both Porygon-Z and Ghost have been severely hurt by their Status conditions.
Ghost falls to the ground, and changes back into his normal Missingno form.
Missingno: Well, you can't rush perfection, that battle took long enough.
Porygon-Z: It's not over yet...
One of Missingno's virtual hands comes out of nowhere and crushes Porygon-Z.
Missingno: You were saying?
Missingno gets up and walks toward the light.
"We've finally done it! We've made the perfect Pokémon!"
"Wait, it's glitching!"
"We can't get it under control!"
"Something's wrong with the Dubious Disc!"

Mewtwo: Unexpected much?!
Pain: While Porygon-Z had more individual stat advantages, Missingno had more overall stat advantages.
Eeveechu: Besides, Missingno had a better movepool. No matter what form we put him in for this battle, Missingno would have won because of the diversity in his attack set and ability, not to mention the combinations that could have been given to him.
Mewtwo: Porygon-Z just didn't have the stats and moveset available to end Missingno.
Pain: Not just that, but there was something that we didn't talk about, but could have allowed Missingno to win. One word, corruption.
Eeveechu: Missingno is the only Pokémon that can corrupt Pokémon and items. No other Pokémon has this power, and as shown by the multiplying Master Balls and Rare Candies, Missingno can use this power to his advantage, to attack his enemies by just simply being there. Porygon-Z was doomed from the start.
Mewtwo: Besides, with the moveset that Pain gave both of them, there was really no saving Porygon-Z.
Pain: Wait, so you're implying Porygon-Z in the games is Missingno?
Eeveechu: Yeah, and the winner is Missingno.

Next time on Death Battle!
When the red and the blue legendaries fight...
It's up to the Green Legendary to stop them.
Untold power in the past, finally awakened.
Locked away in isolation, ready to battle.
Zygarde. Rayquaza. May 25th.

Hello, thanks for reading! Special thanks to our collaborators, @Lord Of Pain and @Eeveechu151, be sure to check out our sister series, Clash Of Code on Eeveechu's Profile and stay tuned for the next battle!
  1. DubiousDiscDuck
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    May 5, 2017
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    May 3, 2017
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    Missingno, Because We Don't know The Bird Type weakness. Or The Glitch weakness.
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    Porygon-Z! :D
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    Mr Fishykarp
    I think Missingno will win
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    Yay another Death Battle! I missed these! Well I think Porygon Z will win. At least that is what I hope. :)
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    Awesome job as always, Mewtwo! And thanks for the shout-out for Clash of Code!
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