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Death Battle!: Death Battle! Beedrill vs Vespiquen

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 The 2 human-sized bee Pokémon fight in a Death Battle! (All info comes from Bulbapedia.com)
Pain: As one of the 13 lords of chaos, I prefer bees. And they're the necessity to life as we know it.
Eeveechu: If your not allergic, but that just adds to the chaos part... but as we've said before, every Beehive needs a queen.
Me: And every Hornet's Nest needs a king. But there can be only one true ruler. In honor of elections, (Like, 3 weeks ago) We present Beedrill, the so-called speedster.
Pain: And Vespiquen, the Pokémon that haunted the days of my shiny hunting more than Uncatchable Poochyena... He's Mewtwofan and I'm Lord of Pain!
Eeveechu: The name is Eeveechu151!
Me: And it's our jobs to analyze their, stats, movepools, and abilities to find out who would win, a Death Battle.

Pain: Beedrill mostly resembles a bipedal, yellow wasp; however, it only has four legs instead of six and lacks pigment pits... I won't ask.
Eeveechu: Beedrill's head is round with a slightly pointed mouth, large, red eyes, and black antennae with a sharp bend in the middle. Its forelegs are tipped with long, conical stingers.
Me: It stands on its other two legs, which are long, segmented, and insectoid in shape. Beedrill has two pairs of rounded, veined wings, and another stinger on its yellow-and-black striped abdomen.
Pain: Beedrill is highly territorial and normally lives in colonies. As seen in the anime, Beedrill seems to be especially concerned with the welfare of Weedle and Kakuna, and it will respond aggressively to those that disturb them.
Eeveechu: Disturbing a swarm of Beedrill will cause the whole colony to attack. It flies at high speed and attacks using the large venomous stingers on its forelegs and abdomen. I swear, if I ever see one of these, I'm going to Stingapore!
Me: It will take the victims of it's attacks back to it's nest for food. Beedrill nests in forests and misty wooded areas. Also, appearantly it's stingers can produce the, "Most deadly poison"
Pain: Beedrill has been known to say it is fast, but it only has 75 in Speed, along with 80 in Special Defense and 90 in Attack, along with a relativly low HP with 65, 45 in Special Attack, and 40 in Defense.
Eeveechu: Beedrill has the ability Swarm, which ups the power of it's Bug type moves when it has low HP. Speaking of Bug Moves, the moves it's been given are X-Scissor, Poison Jab, Aerial Ace, and Swords Dance.
Me: Beedrill is a Bug/Poison type, meaning that it's weak to Flying, Rock, Fire, and Psychic, as well as being resistant to Fighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, and Fairy.
Pain: This is something that's a little too extreme, even for me.
Eeveechu: You want to talk extreme? We're popular because we organize dogfights. Bee prepared for extreme.
(Beedrill: Count on me for Speediness!)

Me: Vespiquen is a bee-like Pokémon with yellow and black striped abdomen resembling an elegant ballroom gown. Underneath the expansive abdomen are honeycomb-like cells that serve as a nest for baby Combee.
Pain: However, it appears to have a slender, more insect-like abdomen in the centermost cell, which is inconspicuous as the ‘dress’ usually obstructs the view of it. Vespiquen has black, skinny arms with two orange claws and flies with a pair of relatively small wings on its back.
Eeveechu: Its yellow upper body is a nearly perfect sphere and its waist is black and slender. A curved line on its back between its shoulders separates its thorax and waist. Vespiquen's orange face has intimidating red eyes, oversized, yellow, protruding mandibles, and a red gem on its forehead.
Me: The top portion of its head is similar to a headpiece with yellow and black horn-like projections, resembling a hairstyle historically favored by early medieval-period English queens. Vespiquen is a female-only species.
Pain: Vespiquen is a queen of a hive of Combee, controlling it and protecting it, as well as giving birth to young Combee. A Vespiquen is far more powerful than its followers, and will only take action if its Combee are unable to protect the hive.
Eeveechu: Wait, it says that? I won't question. If outsiders prove themselves to it by defending its hive, it may repay these acts of kindness with a reward. It feeds on flowers to make honey.
Me: It then use it to bring up other Combee. Being a queen, it can command other Combee in order to use Attack Order, Defend Order, and Heal Order, it's Signature Moves. It has also been given Power Gem, making use of that gem of hers.
Pain: Looking at stats, Vespiquen has 70 HP, 80 Attack in both Attacks, 102 in both Defenses, and 40 in Speed. It also has the ability Pressure, which makes it's opponent's moves take 2 PP instead of 1.
Eeveechu: That's about right, her making the opponent use more PP. Vespiquen is a Bug/Flying type, which means she's weak to Rock, Fire, Ice, Electric... and Flying. Mewtwo? Is the script right? She's weak to flying?
Me: That's what Bulbapedia says. Well, anyways, she's also resistant to Fighting, Bug, and Grass.
Pain: She certainly gives new meaning to the phrase, "Honey, I'm home."
(Vespiquen makes her cry)

Eeveechu: Alright, the combatants are set!
Me: Let's end this debate once and for all!
Pain: It's time for a Death Battle!

(It's a nice day in the Pinwheel Forest, there's a crowd of Combee)
(Vespiquen walks out of the swarm and looks around)
(A Beedrill looks out of a Hive)
Beedrill: Who goes there?!
(The Beedrill sees Vespiquen and is immobilized by love)
(Beedrill lands with a flower in his hand, but Vespiquen just ignores him)
(Beedrill jumped onto Vespiquen's back)
Beedrill: Babies?
(Vespiquen throws Beedrill into the air)
(Beedrill flies back to the ground and slams Vespiquen into a tree before using Swords Dance)
(Vespiquen sighs and calls a Defense Order, raising her Defense and Special Defense.)
(Beedrill growls and uses X-Scissor, leaving an X shaped cut across Vespiquen's Chest)
(Vespiquen gets up, a hand over her chest and uses Heal Order, making the cut go away)
(Beedrill flies really fast and slams into Vespiquen, hitting her with Poison Jab)
(Vespiquen sends out an Attack Order, knocking Beedrill off of Vespiquen)
(Beedrill stands back up and flies up into the air)
(He uses Aerial Ace, sending Vespiquen into the nearby lake)
(Beedrill flies over and looks into the water)
(5 of the rocks start glowing and slam into Beedrill)
(Vespiquen flies out of the water and drops the rest of the Power Gems)
(Beedrill gets back up and clutches his shoulder)
(He hits Vespiquen with X-Scissor, which sends her to the ground)
(She uses Attack Order, which sends half of her army onto Beedrill, knocking him to the ground)
(Beedrill flies into a tree, then flies out in an Aerial Ace)
(Vespiquen throws Beedrill off, then slams some of her Power Gems into him)
(One of Beedrill's wings is broken, he uses his one functioning wing to hover over to Vespiquen and use Poison Jab, which Poisons Vespiquen)
(She uses Heal Order, but then gets hurt by the poison)
(Beedrill chuckles and uses Swords Dance, raising his attack)
(Vespiquen grabs Beedrill and slams him into his own hive, causing the entire hive to collapse, breaking his other wing, then uses Defense Order, then gets hurt by poison)
(Beedrill collapses onto the ground, and Vespiquen gets ready to crush him with her Power Gems)
(Beedrill stabs Vespiquen through the chest with his stinger)
(Vespiquen is completely overtaken by the poison, she collapses backwards, dead)
(The Combee in Vespiquen's dress come out and carry off her body)

Eeveechu: That's the very definition of brutal.
Pain: Wait, what? Vespiquen's stats clearly overpower Beedrill's. And her signature moves could heal her, do damage, or raise her defenses. She also has the type advantage over Beedrill.
Eeveechu: So the winner is Vespiquen, right? What happened?
Me: Since Beedrill's stinger can produce the most powerful poison, and since the most powerful poison is mostly agreed to be Botulinum, and that it is so potent it takes about 75 nanograms to kill a person, and that 75 Nanograms is equal to 7.5 x 10-8 grams, and Vespiquen weighs about 38500, it's clear that the poison would be enough to kill Vespiquen, as the number of 75 nanograms to grams couldn't fit on the calculator. The winner is Beedrill.

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Heya! Thanks for reading. Be sure to checkout @Lord Of Pain and @Eeveechu151 for their amazing research work as always. And thanks for reading!
  1. Mewtwofan259
    Aug 10, 2017
  2. DopeLeafeon470
    (Beedrill growls and uses X-Scissor, leaving an X shaped cut across Vespiquen's Chest)
    Bees don't growl.
    Not even in the anime.
    Bees don't growl.
    Aug 10, 2017
  3. DubiousDiscDuck
    The thing that I love about your death battles is that you don't justify the winner only by stats, weaknesses, etc. You use the real world logic too, and for a nerdy person like me, this is fantastic.
    Edit: I forgot about pokedex entries! Thats also a cool fact!
    Nov 29, 2016
  4. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    This was pretty damn cool! Great work as always, partner!
    Nov 26, 2016
  5. Mewtwofan259
    Nov 26, 2016
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  6. TooBlue12
    I think Beedrill is who I am voting to win this death match! :)
    Nov 26, 2016
  7. Mewtwofan259
    Nov 25, 2016
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