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Inktober 2020: Days 11-20

by =Nightshade=

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im so behind schedule it’s not even funny

Day 11: disgusting
Day 12: slippery
Day 13: dune
Day 14: armor
Day 15: outpost (couldn’t think of jack squat for this one, that’s why it’s so shitty lol)
Day 16: rocket
Day 17: storm
Day 18: trap
Day 19: dizzy
Day 20: coral
  1. ThAtGuY101
    #19 is EASILY my favorite one.

    Speaking of outhouse and outpost... Can't forget the two story outhouse! It's when you stack an outhouse on top of another outhouse.
    Nov 2, 2020
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  2. Schrift
    You make my art look like child's play, guess I'm gonna have to go all out with my art. My Oni will barely be as good but still!
    Oct 30, 2020
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  3. =Nightshade=
    Oct 30, 2020
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  4. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World
    I’m doing Inktober too! Mine aren’t nearly as good, and I haven’t posted them either.
    Oct 30, 2020
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  5. Gamingfan
    That's what I get for speed reading XD.

    I still think it's the best tho.
    Oct 27, 2020
  6. =Nightshade=

    Lol, outhouse and outpost are two very different things. Outpost is defined as a “remote part of a country or empire,” whereas an outhouse is where you go to piss in a pot.

    So I mean you could have an outhouse in an outpost... tbh I couldn’t think of anything but a shack that’s falling apart and I even labeled it in case it was too hard to tell XD
    Oct 27, 2020
  7. Gamingfan
    Really? "Outhouse", the best looking drawing, is the shitty one? How dare you.
    I can't tell if that's self-deprecation or vanity, but I demand that you think otherwise.
    Oct 27, 2020