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Mafia Writings (2011 Reboot): Day Zero

by Shiny Pyxis

Shiny Pyxis MASSIVE Reboot of an old fic I put on 'Charms of a game we played. Resulted in a ton of drama that I was regretfully at the heart of. But thought I'd bring this back so everyone can facepalm at my fails. And also at how teenage Shiny writes, because it's pretty godawful.
((Before we begin, here's a ficlet @Brendan Savem wrote that will help a little with a bit of background. Also, a link to the original mafia game this was based off of.))

Shiny walked around town, her arms wrapped around what looked like an ordinary spiral notebook, her black pigtails bobbing up and down with every step she took. It was like any normal day, or as normal a day it could get in Charming City. People chased each other around in play or annoyance or anger or whatever other reason you could think of, clovers grew on people’s lawns instead of traditional grass, and people were milling around the bulletin board. Typical.

Wait, the bulletin board? That wasn’t normal. Shiny paused, casting a quick glance in the direction of the bulletin board; yes, she saw a couple of people she knew there, along with some relatively new people. The girl walked over to the crowd, and was immediately able to spot Brendan among the throng.

“Hey, Brendan!” Shiny said as she approached the boy. “What’s going on?”

Brendan grinned, his eyes sparkling with joy and excitement. “Data just released a notice about the mafia resurgence,” he explained, pointing at a sheet of paper with a drawing and a body of text beneath it. “He wants people to sign up to eliminate the mafia as soon as possible.”

Shiny blinked in surprise, her brain going through what had happened last time the mafia was around. She had been added only a few days ago, and was in her study, trying to jot down everything she could remember from that day: the finding of an El encased in concrete, the incorrect lynching of Jerty, her conversation with Sem, Sem’s subtle threat... when she had suddenly heard a slight creaking noise from her front door. She had quickly jumped up, only to find nothing but her own shadow staring back at her; she found her hand inching towards her pocket to reach for her laser-fan. Nothing happened, but just as she was about to sit back down, she felt a sharp pain erupt from her neck as something scraped some of her skin off. Next thing she knew, she was being attacked by razors, and all too soon she found her vision blurring. However, she was able to make out the shape of a boy only a few years older than her standing above her, with razors in his hands...

Luckily, Shiny was able to recover in the nearby hospital, but had been unable to attend the town meetings. Instead, she was stuck watching them on the television in her room, and it didn’t really come as much of a shock when, at the end of everything, Brendan was revealed to have been manipulating everything after the fall of his two comrades.

“Hello, you still there, Shiny?” Brendan asked, waving his hand in front of the girl’s face.

Shiny jolted a bit, bringing herself back to the present. “Ah, right, sorry,” she said, smiling a bit.

Brendan chuckled, and Shiny spotted a slight flash of his maniacal side show up. “Yeah, sorry about the razors last time. I couldn’t help it; Sho’s razors were just begging for me to use them on someone.”

Deciding to ignore Brendan’s last comment, Shiny said, “It seems interesting enough, I have to say! I’mma gonna sign this thing, since I had a blast trying to weed your lot out last time.”

“I think I want to join in this round.” Shiny gave an incredulous look at Brendan, which the latter just shrugged off. “Hey, I’ve abandoned my post as mafia, so it should be no problem for me to join in the hunt this time, right?”

“I guess so.” Just as she was about to sign the form, though, a few signatures caught her eye. “So the dead detective and Arma have decided to rejoin as well, huh?” she muttered to herself before signing a “Shiny Eevee” under their names, finishing her signature with a nice flourish. Turning around, she waved at Brendan and dashed off.

I can’t wait to join the lynching again! the girl thought, giggling to herself. She slowed her pace down a little, and, after thinking for a bit, added, Except I can tell that this round is going to be a lot different than last time.