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Day 3

by EOIN1111

8:00 today I got of the boat now I'm here at Kanto I will log in my dairy more while in the library 10:00 I'm at the library to continue my dairy my oshwot knocked down a other trainer called Aaron with some other trainers (2 to be exact) we are all catching some tickets to go to a nearby island which I'd discover had 4 shiny Pokemon on it so I'm going there 12:00 were hear On the island I borrowed book from the library called "The map of the Pokemon world" I found the cave 12:30 we have got to the cave and found the 4 shiny Pokemon Aaron's rival Gary got there my oshwot battled his snivy I nearly knocked out the snivy and got away then I went to get my shiny but I saw a hand use black yellow pokeball (ultraball) and ran my oshwot sprint after him but he got away and dropped a purple pokeball with a m on it we got are boat back and went to the library again I learned that it was a master ball that had the power to catch any Pokemon without it breaking free
We didn't know who to give it to we will pick tomorrow
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  1. EOIN1111
    This apart of Pokemon a trainers life only my story of the character
    Oct 8, 2015
  2. Teapot
    Hey! You should add the works to a series so that we can navigate between the different parts :)
    Oct 8, 2015