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The Story of Ash Ketchum: Dawn of a Hero -Part 2


PIKACHULOL Part 2 of the life story of a great trainer.
As Ash reached Viridian City, Officer Jenny caught sight of him, and asked where he was going. As Ash didn't have an ID, Officer Jenny was suspicious. "Hey, what's that in your pocket?" she asked. Ash handed his Pokedex to him. "This will solve all our problems!" she cried out. Ash looked confused. The Pokedex was also his ID. Officer Jenny rode him to the PokeCenter in Viridian City. The ginger-haired girl followed them angrily with her bike Ash borrowed, which was entirely wrecked. "Hey, come back here!!" she shouted. The "WANTED" poster was pulled by a gang of bandits called Team Rocket. As Ash reached the PokeCenter, he talked to his mum and Professor Oak via telephone. A few minutes later, Nurse Joy returned with Ash's Pikachu, while the ginger-haired girl returned. After that, Team Rocket came to steal Pokemon from innocent trainers. As James' Koffing used Smokescreen Team Rocket appered in the PokeCenter. Jessie's Ekans wrecked the whole PokeCenter. Cranes were carrying Pokeballs to Pokeballs, and Koffing broke through the door. Ash threw a Pokeball, and Ekans scared the Pidgey that came out from it. The next ball was empty. The third ball had a Rattatta, which was scared by Ekans. As Pikachu woke up, lots of Pikachu popped out. Using Thundershock, Team Rocket
got wrecked. HARD. As Ash used the broken bike to power up electricity, Pikachu used that electricity to blast off Team Rocket. They were hanging on ropes, whcih were connected to their balloon shaped like Meowth's head. Makes sense since Team Rocket have a talking Meowth.

Meanwhile, on his way to Pewter City, Ash found a Caterpie. He threw a Pokeball at it.
Will he catch Caterpie?

To be continued...