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Daughter of the Wolves

by GottaKetchumAll

GottaKetchumAll Thena, a beloved and powerful member of Team Shade, embarks on a journey of a lifetime discovering where her loyalty lies... And who is lying about their loyalty.
“Go on, Aziza! Choose your partner!” Professor Kukui said, gesturing to the three starters besides him. I snorted, resisting the urge to roll my eyes. Did this guy really think I was his cousin?

First off, my name was not Aziza- that was the name of his real cousin I was pretending to be. Team Magma had created a new technology call the blend-patch. All you have to do is scan the person you wish to imitate, and then slap it on. It’s the best kind of tech for stealing identities- and pokemon.

I appeared to be a caucasian 11 year old, which annoyed me because nobody took me seriously with this getup on, but it was only temporary. As soon as I got the pokemon and pokedex, I could get the hell out of this place.

I worked for Team Shade- working to cover the word in darkness. Unlike other teams, like Rocket, Magma, and Galactic; we stick together, fight together, die together- we are a family to the end. The team gave us kids hope, gave us a home, and food. Yeah, sure, we commit crime but… You take what you can get.

I dropped to my knees, gazing at the three. We had watched these pokemon from afar for a long time, and I already knew my choice. First off, Poplio was a freaking seal clown. No dignity in that, so it was already out of the picture.

Following was Litten- an obvious choice- powerful. However, I wasn’t a cat person.

That left Rowlet- a big, fluffy, fat thing that cooed and spun in a circle. I sighed, picked it up, and stared at it.

“I guess that leaves you.” I muttered, somewhat skeptical. These tiny things would grow to be powerful, stronger than all save legendaries? I had my doubts.

“Rowlet!” The pokemon chirped, and made a weird humming sound.

“Is it.. Purring?” I asked, somewhat scared. What the hell?

Professor laughed and handed me a pokedex. Apparently there was a rotom in it, in which we’d tear out one way or another.

“It likes you already!” He exclaimed, and patted me on the shoulder.

“And so, your adventure begins!”

“Some adventure this is.” I grumbled, rowlet sitting my shoulder. I felt it’s tiny talons dig into my bone and I winced, resisting the urge to throw it. Sighing, I sat down on a log near a stream, and ripped the patch angrily off my shoulder. Almost instantly I felt my body changing, bones stretching, flesh ripping and refastening. I groaned, every second torture.

Soon the pain subsided and I was my regular self, thank god. My long black hair fell down in ringlets, my skin had darkened to a bronze, and I had grown back to the size of a 17 year old, curves included. My clothes, made for a much smaller and flatter girl, had ripped in various places. I plopped the Rowlet on the ground, turning it the other direction.

“Don’t look.” I said sternly, pointing my finger at it, before ripping the rest of the shirt off. I felt a pair of eyes on my and found the rowlet, staring back.

“Don’t look!” I snapped, jerking the pokemon back around. I watched it warily, then put on my uniform. It wasn’t much, just our field uniforms. Team Shade had different clothes for different occasions- balls, stealth missions, training, fights- I was currently in the field, of course.

I had on my black tube top, black leather jacket with the words Shade in silver along the back. I wore another black mini skirt with silver along the tips, as well as our pendant around my neck in a choker- a large diamond plated S.

I looked down at my reflection, peered into my green eyes. My eyelids were done fantastically in silver, black, and gold, my lips an ash grey. I put my hair into a messy bun to keep it out of my face, and then I contacted headquarters by tapping the watch on my wrist. A hologram popped up, buzzing as it sorted through various wavelengths in search for our O.G/Admin. The one who’s been in the business much longer than us, our personal god, our teacher, our father. Ours. Nobody else’s.

Within a few moments his beautiful face popped up and I was immediately comforted. I missed home- I had only been gone for a few days but I felt as if it were years- I missed my family.

“Hey, Thana!” He exclaimed, and I grinned. They named me that, that was my title. “A wolf in sheep’s clothing” I was the deceptor, the misleader, the wolf in the world’s midst that no one suspected. My loyalty only belonged to my Team and no one else, meaning everyone else was fucked.

I watched as his face pulled up into a expression of relief when he saw I was unharmed. He had creases around his eyes, his hair was graying, but he had strong shoulders and a ferocity of a mother Ursaring when his kids were in trouble.

“Hey, O.G!” I responded, dipping my head in respect. He laughed aloud.

“Thana, my love! No need for those terminalites, you know you are my favorite girl here at headquarters!” I smiled at this, knowing all too well.

“Mission completed. I obtained the Pokemon and Pokedex, Alonzo.” He nodded at this, not surprised. I have never failed a mission.

“I suppose it’s about time you got another rank. What are you now, a grunt?” He teased. I rolled my eyes.

“Officer class C.” I said instantly.

“And what does that pertain to?” He tested, eyes narrowed.

“I am higher than a grunt. Two more missions and I’ll have the chance to upgrade to Executive Class D. My current job pertains to field work that grunts can’t handle, testing, theft, battles, and espionage.” I took a breath. “If I were to go up the ranks my job would pertain to overseeing the grunts and secret missions, as well as assassination.”

There was a beat of silence, and my heart pounded. Did I say something wrong?

A woman entered the screen and walked forward, and she whispered something his ear. He raised an eyebrow and made a symbol with his hand, and she scurried off.

“Come on home, Thena. We have much to discuss.” He said calmly, and the feed ended.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Stupid witch.” I grumbled, pulling on my grey gloves. I looked down at Rowlet, and I frowned. This tiny little owl was strong, stronger than my Pokemon? Ridiculous. I dropped down to my knees and looked at the owl.

“So, you think you’re hot shit, huh?” I said, and Rowlet cooed and rubbed it’s head against my hand. I reached back and brought out two ultra-balls which held my favorite Pokemon.

“You think you’re stronger than these two?” I asked, a troublesome grin on my face. The rowlet just blinked, and I let out my Pokemon. There was a flash of light and out came my partners- a shiny Absol and Midnight Lycanroc.

“Rowlet, meet Akela the Absol and Raksha the Lycanroc.” I said, and they snarled at the sound of their names.

“I trained them myself. They are vicious, bloodthirsty, strong, and smart. We understand each other completely.” I rested my hand on Raksha’s muzzle.

“Grow up like them.” I said, and they stood over the rowlet, sniffing at the small bird. Saliva dripped from their muzzles as they pulled back their lips to reveal pink gums and sharp fangs.

I laughed, and the Pokemon pulled back, content with their display. They curled around my feet like loyal lap dogs, tails beating against the ground in happiness. I smiled, running my hands over their soft fur.

Within two hours I was back at Headquarters. Rowlet was very stubborn and refused to get into the pokeball until Raksha had enough and shoved him in herself. Our headquarters wasn’t hidden, like some organizations, but we didn’t want it to stand out, either. So we created a fake Pokemon Center. We have all of the equipment, and one of our grunts dresses and acts like a nurse. You go up, say the password, and she’ll open the back closet door for you. And then, well, you’re in.

I walked down the familiar hallway behind the closet door, the panels along the floor glowing with each step. At the end of the hall stood a metal door, bolted shut. A scanning system along the wall lit up at my movement. Without hesitation I held out my hand and a needle emerged from the wall, pricking my thumb. I pressed it against the glass, and it began to identify my.

“Manager Thena, Welcome.” It said, and the door slid open. I stepped inside.
  1. Captain Cardboard
    Captain Cardboard
    Noice! Well done.
    Apr 24, 2018
  2. GottaKetchumAll
    It'll be even better once you're in it!
    Apr 23, 2018
  3. Comet Blaster
    Comet Blaster
    This is really good!!!
    Apr 23, 2018
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