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Dark Pit vs Meta Knight

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Dark Pit vs Meta Knight
Meta Knight flew through Dreamland, going even further into a new area. Meta Knight was asked by Kirby to deliver a birthday invitation to an angel named “Pit”. Though reluctant at first, Kirby’s puppy eyes made him go. Soon at Palutena’s Temple, he was interrupted by a black angel named Dark Pit. “Hey buster! No one gets in here except invited people. And I what’s YOUR name?” Dark Pit asked. “Meta Knight, and I am looking for the one named “Pit”. Do you know of him, angel?” Meta Knight asked. “Yep, and you-!” Dark Pit gets out his Silver Bow. “-Are not gonna get to know him!” Dark Pit replies, thinking Meta Knight has wrong intentions. Meta Knight sheathes his Galaxia and swings at Dark Pit, who counters with the Silver Bow. Meta Knight swing s again, this time hitting Dark Pit in the arm. The Punk Icarus flew up and shot a few arrows from his Silver Bow. Meta Knight uses his Sword Beam, countering and Meta Knight flies up using the Shuttle Loop. Dark Pit is stabbed in the chest, but manages to heal with a potion. Dark Pit then pulls out the First Blade, nailing Meta Knight a few times. Meta Knight and Dark Pit clash Galaxia and First Blade, until Meta Knight spins around, kicking Dark Pit. Dark Pit grunts, then fires from his First Blade, as does Meta Knight with his Galaxia. Meta Knight teleports and slashes on of Dark Pit’s legs off. Dark Pit hisses in pain, then flies up higher. Dark Pit takes out the Ore Club and begins whacking Meta Knight in the head. Dark Pit then fires a tornado from it, sending Meta Knight spiraling away. Meta Knight charges up electricity in his sword, then zaps Dark Pit. The Pandora Angel falls down, then Meta Knight flies after, and fires a fireball. Dark Pit dodges while flying and pulls out the EZ Cannon. Meta Knight gets his wings extended and fires some beams from his Galaxia. The EZ Cannon counters until Dark Pit crashes down. Dark Pit, now on the ground, begins firing repeatedly, Meta Knight getting hit while gliding down. Meta Knight is hit one more time by a larger blast and his cape falls off. Meta Knight manages to land safely with a spin, then throws his sword at the cannon. The cannon blows up as the sword this the energy core, and Dark Pit’s arms are blown off. Dark Pit screams in pain, then his eyes widen. Meta Knight had just pulled out the Galaxia from the ashes of EZ Cannon, and stabbed Dark Pit in the back. Dark Pit coughs out blood, then falls down, dead. Meta Knight watches as Dark Pit’s body blows up in a puff of black feathers, then enters Palutena Temple to find Pit.
This fight’s winner is:
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