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Daniel's Journy: Daniel's Journey: Part 8: Rocket Rumbles

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua This is the Journey of Daniel, as he travels through Hoenn.
I entered Rusburo City holding Haunter's Poke-ball. I thought about how mad Haunter must feel to witness his first loss. I went to the Pokemon Center and gave the lovely nurse my Pokemon. As I awaited for my Pokemon, I replayed the battle in my mind. I saw how fast his Pokemon coordinated with his commands. I saw how his Gardevoir was able to break through my Haunter's Night Shade. That, has to take lots of skill. I replayed the battle over and over as I heard the nurse call my name. I looked up and walked towards the deck. I thanked her and took my poke-balls. As I did, I saw the nearby television as it said something very, disturbing.
"Hoenn News indicates that Team Rocket has started to invade the region. Their leader Giovanni, has made their presents here and is currently unknown" I looked at the T.V as the screen showed a picture of my father. Father, I thought, Why do you have to do this. Why can't we have peace? Why can't we negotiate what to do. Not to attack the innocent. I snapped out of my thoughts and walked outside the Pokemon Center and hanged out in the outdoor area. I sat on a bench as I looked at my Pokemon. I sent all six of my Pokemon as they appeared out of the Poke-Ball.
"Hey guys, we need to start training. I- er, we, need to train and become stronger. I, need to overcome my dad's plan. You guys, probably don't know my plan, but can you guys do it for my sake?" I looked at my Pokemon, as they all looked at my with concern.
"Haunt," Haunter came close to me and came up behind my shoulder. He smiled as he nodded.
"Nido," My Nidoking carried the new teammate Cascoon, and came up to my side.
"Veno, Veno-moth." Venomoth and Golbat came flying right next to me. Arbok looked at me and nodded as it slithered next to me and was ready to train. I was about to tear up, but I had to stay strong. We trained day and night as we leveled up as I thought of a strategy. If I wanted to be stronger, I have to face the Gyms of this region. I nodded as I returned my Pokemon. I walked towards the gym, I stopped dead in my tracks to see the gym leader talking to a two rocket grunts and a man dressed in a white suit. It can't be. I thought that it wouldn't be him. Father's right hand man, Ichor.