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Daniel's Journy: Daniel's Journey Part 7: Challenging the Champion

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua Daniel's Journey throughout the Hoenn Region.
I walked through Petalburg Woods, continuing on my journey. As I walked, I noticed a new trainer. He had dark brown hair with a tint of black. His outfit was a black leather jacket with a dark brown t-shirt. He wore jeans and a pair of brown flat shoes. I looked at him, then he looked at me.
"You look strong. Battle me." I looked at him weirdly.
"I'm sorry. What did you say to me?" He looked at me again. This time taking out a pokeball.
"Your a trainer, aren't you?" I looked at him, from his shoes up.
"Then battle me." I looked at him again, then I spoke.
"Ok then, let's battle!" He smirked at me as he put away the pokeball and took out a new pokeball I haven't seen before.
"This is a heal ball. I'm guessing you don't know that. But whatever. This will be a one on one battle. There will be no substitutions. The winner is the last Pokémon standing."
"Fine then." I took out my pokeball and faced him as we look at each other.
"Gardevoir, standby for battle!" His Pokémon came out and I looked at it. I then took out my pokedex as it analyzed the Pokémon. Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokemon. Gardevoir has the ability to read the future. If it senses impending danger to its Trainer, this Pokémon is said to unleash its psychokinetic energy at full power.
"A Gardevoir..." I thought about my Pokemon as I analyzed it. I then figured out the right Pokemon to choose.
"Haunter, prepare for attack!" My Haunter came out my pokeball as the battle begun. "Haunter use shadow ball!" Haunter prepared the shadow ball and fired it at the Gardevoir.
"Gardevoir, counter with your own shadow ball!" Gardevoir shot its own shadow ball as both moves collided.
"Argh, Haunter use Night Shade!" Haunter fired the beam at Gardevoir.
"Gardevoir, use thunderbolt." Gardevoir shot the thunderbolt breaking through the Night Shade and striking my Haunter. "Now, use psychic!" The Pokémon glowed a light blue color as it sent my Haunter flying hitting a tree. Making it unable to battle.
"Looks like I won." I returned Haunter.
"Yeah, I guess it seems that way." He returned his Gardevoir and looked at me.
"Looks like we made a new record. You lasted the longest out of all the trainers I faced. Let me introduce myself. I am Sorin, Pokémon Champion of Hoenn. " I looked at him then I noticed why his Gardevoir was so strong. "Thanks for the battle. I will see you soon." He flew away on his Altaria and I never sawed him since. I soon made my way out of Petalburg Woods catching a Cascoon along the way. I headed to Rusburo City going to win my first badge ever.