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OC's: Damned

by Star.Prince

P_20170723_070549_1.jpg P_20170723_054549_1_1.jpg
Star.Prince Top: those are my two gemsonas, Rose Quartz and Amethyst. I haven't colored them in yet so yeah.

Bottom: I have a species of pony called Tastem Ponies on deviantArt. If you are on dA and you draw MLP stuff, please join! But anyways, that's the mascot for the group, her name is Lollie.
  1. Star.Prince
    @parisbuffet there are multiples of gems, or more then just one gem of a for each kind of gemstone.
    Jul 24, 2017
  2. parisbuffet
    Im not sure if ive said this before but your style is super unique! Especially the way you draw your eyes, it's pretty dang cool tbh. I think your traditional art actually turns out much prettier and easier on the eyes rather than digitally drawn art, and smoother lines too. Very nice!
    Personally I don't really watch Steven Universe (the amazing world of gumball is more my cup of tea) but those gemstones look gorgeous! I thought that amethyst was a main character though? And rose quarts was the lion?
    Jul 23, 2017