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Cute Umbreon

by Firox

Cute Umbreon.jpg
Firox As Arval (my male Umbreon, more of battler/defender than taking care of young ones) is taking a nap, and Fiona sees him a sleep - picks up Sherrie's cute 'contest ribbon' and decides to tie on his tail

Once it wakes, Arval kind of unsure how to react - wants it off as soon as possible, doesn't want to hurt young one's feelings.... Sherrie trying to comfort Arval

that same young one is now playing with Sherrie's tail - she never can get enough of playing with cute tails

Ethan can't help to giggle at the silly scene
"hey Arval, how is its?"
(mother of both Fi and Ethan isn't in the art, its my pink furred Flareon, Flower)

of course ? (Vee) is playing with two of Sherrie's ribbons - and my own sona? Firox, I'm nibbling one of the other ribbons, and the last wrapped around my left front paw

couldn't think of a creative background, left it as it was
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