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Cubone's Lost Mother

by Furiousclaw1234

Furiousclaw1234 Basically the life of a overshadowed Gen 1 Pokemon, Cubone. We all know that in the origins special mr Cubone's mother Marowak died and resides in the pokemon tower. This is a brief and edited story of Marowak's death.
Cubone lay down in his cave. His mother, Marowak, was singing him a lullaby. Cubone had always loved his mother. She cared, fed and taught Cubone. He did not wear his signiture skull or held his bone back then. Usually, female Kangaskhan mistaked him for their baby because they looked alike. Marowak always had her bone ready and always gave Kangaskhans a good whack. Marowak's friends, Rhyhorn and Sandshrew, always wished they had their baby of their own, but were too young. They had to become Rhydon and Sandslash first.
Cubone's friends, Bulbasaur and Magikarp wished their mothers were as good as Cubone's. One bully, Exeggcute, always thought he was better than Cubone. But Cubone got fed up so he smashed one of Exeggcute's eggs. Exeggcute did not threaten Cubone again. Charizard, Cubone's uncle, also burnt Exeggutor, Exeggcute's father. Pikachu was Cubone's godbrother.
One day, damn Giovanni kidnapped Marowak. Cubone, Bulbasaur, Magikarp, Charizard and Pikachu set off to find Giovanni. Soon Charizard and Pikachu defeated Giovanni. Marowak was seriously hurt. Giovanni's Rhydon cause immense damage. "Get Marowak to the Pokemon Hospital, quick!" Pikachu sqeaked. Charizard loaded Marowak on his wings and sped to the hospital. Clefable and Chansey rushed Marowak into the operating room. Clefairy soon pronounced Marowak dead.
Poor Cubone cried for 7 days and nights while his friends and uncle and godbrother calmed him down. Once Marowak decomposed, Cubone wielded her bone and put on her skull as a memorial. "Mum, I will be a valiant warrior, I promise." Cubone whispered before Rhyhorn buried Marowak under the ground.
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    Jul 30, 2016