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Crescent High: Massacre: Crescent High: Chapter 1

by Luminites

Luminites They say at Crescent High, there is no going back to where you came from. Based on the game of Mafia but with a twist with students, and based on an anime called Danganronpa where once a dead body is found, all of the students go to trial to figure out who the culprit might be. However, this will be Pokemon related so it will not contain any swearing, and such like that. This series follows the main protagonist who is named, N.
12:45 PM - Crescent High Entrance

Ah! Finally, my dream has come true. I am here at Crescent High, a very popular high school that I dreamed of going to! And here I am standing in front of it. You know, I've heard many rumors that this school is dangerous! I don't really think so like come on.. What can go wrong? My name is N by the way, I am known as "The Pokemon Peacekeeper".

I came to this high school because I wanted to make some friends, I am pretty lonely I guess. After releasing my precious dragon years ago, all I can do now is love the pokemon around me and make peace with them. I am a peacekeeper, and I shall make peace with the classmates that I'll have tod-- Ah! Look at the time, the bell is going to ring soon.. I better find my classroom before I'm late.

(As N enters the building, all the doors and windows automatically close with steel replacing them)

N: That's strange.. How come the door closed by itself along with the windows too? Is there a lockdown in process? Very confusing.

N: Nevertheless, I must find my classroom and not worry about that for now..

12:56 PM - Classroom X

N: Phew.. I think I made it on time.. Well, here I am! Let's see who my classmates are and ta-- HUH? There's only 14 of them..? I was expecting more than this.

Roxie: Are you LIKE the last one to show up like O-M-G! I can't wait to start this class already! My name is Roxie yo! "The Pokemon Rockstar".

Volkner: Why hello N, long time no see! It's been a while since I last saw you at the PWT. Remember? "The Pokemon Adventurer".

N: Why yes, Volkner! I remember you clearly now. it's good to see you in my cla-- oh no...

Gary: Oh oh! Look who's in this class huh? It's the mysteeeeerious... N!
N: What do you want.. Gary?

Gary: Oh you know.. I'm just better than you, that's all. "The Pokemon Jerk".
N: Ha, whatever.

Bianca: Leave N alone Gary! hmph. Sorry about that N, I know how much of a jerk he is towards you.. Hopefully you know.. Uh.. Nevermind! I'm just glad to see you since last month right? I missed you. "The Pokemon Supporter".

N: Hahaha, thanks Bianca!

Lucian: Huh? What do you want now..? I'm trying to read a book here.. Oh! My apologies, I thought you were Gary for a second there, my bad. My name is Lucian by the way, I love reading books in my spare time whenever I can. "The Pokemon Reader".

N: Huh..?

Lt. Surge: HAHAHA! Boy, you look skinny like some Watchog! The name is Lt. Surge dude, I love working with electricity which is why I came here to study some more until I return back to Vermilion City. I am also a lieutenant, so you better behave yourself or else I will discipline you! "The Pokemon Soldier".

N: Hey Lt. Surge, have you wondered how creepy this school is? When I entered the building, the doors and all the windows went shut for no reason..

Lt. Surge: Say what now? I think that's impossible young dude. When I entered earlier, nothin' went on with the doors and them windows. I'd say everyone here didn't experience that like you.

N: Ugh, forget it. Hmm.. Now that I think about it, I'm sure that I was the only one who experienced that according to what Lt. Surge said..

Cyrus: You.. I have seen you on the news before.. What is your name?
N: My name is N, uh.. And who are you?

Cyrus: ... I am Cyrus, the leader of a gang called Team Galactic! "The Pokemon Mastermind"

N: Nope, I haven't heard of you before..

Cyrus: Well, I know you are from the Unova Region correct? I am from Sinnoh. Along with some others like Volkner for example, I however escaped the Distortion World years ago after my plan failed with my gang. I shall not speak of what happened and what that place is.. But rest assured, it's a living hell for all who enter.

N: Sounds horrible to me, I hope you find peace within yourself.. That moment of your life must of been hard on you Cyrus..

Cyrus: Stop talking about it, I admire you as a person for saying that, but that moment is nothing but the past now. My plans were foiled with, and I cannot change it now. I came here for a change so that I could understand something that I couldn't of before.

N: and what's that exactly?

Cyrus: It's something that I haven't thought of yet, but within this school, I will find peace again with myself.

N: I like peace too, I do hope you find what your looking for Cyrus.
Cyrus: Thank you, I must do something until the class starts! Goodbye for now.
N: See you later!

(Cyrus, you are a mysterious figure to me. I know who Team Galactic really is, they are related to Team Plasma aren't they.. That devious group that changed me years ago until now. I will never forgive them, for making me hate and destroy many lives in the region of Unova.)

Clair: Um, hello! It's nice to meet you. I've heard you name was N correct? My name is Clair from the Johto Region. In fact, I'm the 8th gym leader there if you haven't already known. I love dragon types like my cousin Lance, he's much more superior than me in battles you know. "The Pokemon Dragon Tamer"

N: Aw yes, I've heard of your cousin Lance before. He is the champion of Johto correct? I know his title as champion of Kanto ended a while ago, his match was marvelous..

Clair: Your right on that, that's why he trains his Dragonite every day so that he can keep his title as champion. He likes to battle up in the league so it really means a lot to him.

N: Oh, I see now. I'm glad to see that he has hope and passion for his beloved pokemon. I love pokemon too! I treat them with respect every day by talking to them to make them feel comfort and happiness. Such delicate creatures, they deserve better.

Clair: I love pokemon as well, they are happy little creatures who grow up to be stronger and gorgeous looking. Are you like a breeder or something?

N: Not at all, I'm just a trainer who likes to take care of pokemon. Unlike my past self, I treat everyone with respect and happiness. This world has brighten my eyes since then, and I realized that what I was doing for them was horrible..

Clair: Who is "them"? and "past self"?

N: You don't really need to know that Clair, I'm sorry. I just got carried away there, it shouldn't of been mentioned.

Clair: Oh, that's clearly alright with me! If you ever feel bad about something, come talk to me because I know what it feels like. Since I was at my gym, I was a stubborn gym leader who got frustrated when losing to someone in a gym battle. I'd often not give them the badge and run off in a tantrum. When I was going to come here at Crescent High, I wanted to change my mood and become more nicer to people. That's why now I don't wanna be that stubborn girl that I was back then, I should of known better.

N: I hear ya, we were all stubborn at one point in our lives right?
Clair: Yeah, I guess your right... Hey! I just remembered about Bianca, I have something to tell her before class starts.. I'll talk to you later okay? Bye!

N: See you later too! Have a good one!

(Wait a minute, who is that over there with the cape and black hair? She doesn't look like she from this time at all!)

Um, hello? May I ask who you are for a second please?

Zinnia: ...
N: Hey! Are you alright?
Zinnia: ...
N: Why aren't you speaking to me? What happened?
Zinnia: ...

Drayden: It appears that she is shy of people. I understand, all of us came from different parts of the world.

N: Drayden! Is that you? The mayor of Opelucid City right? What are you doing here.
Drayden: N! I remember you now, your the one who had that legendary dragon..

N: Indeed, It's so nice to see you again. I released my dragon years ago I'm afraid.
Drayden: Oh you did? How unfortunate.. "The Pokemon Mayor".

N: So Drayden, why are you here at Crescent High?

Drayden: I came here to meet some old friends of mine like Elesa, she came here to study on being a model which is her gimmick now I guess. I'm here to study the ways of mega evolution that was discovered in Kalos. Ever since Marlon took my position as the 8th leader of Unova, I've heard about this phenomenon and wanted to know the basics of it.

N: Your interested in that? I've also heard about it, but I haven't had a chance to look into it either.

Drayden: Yeah, that's why when I heard Crescent High was offering studys and jobs here for gym leaders, trainers, and elite fours alike! I was determined to go with Elesa to find out.

N: Speaking of Elesa, I think she found me.

Elesa: Hey Drayden! I'm glad you talking to someone already! Your usually pretty quiet.
Drayden: I am the mayor of my city, I don't do much but gym battles and paperwork.

Elesa: Ha! Aren't you excited for this? I really want to know what it means to be a model you know! It's my thing now. "The Pokemon Model".

Drayden: Well, you that encouraged huh. Oh sorry, I have forgotten to introduce you to N, he's a trainer that loves pokemon.

Elesa: N? I thought you were apart of Team Plasma? What is he doing here?

N: No, you got it wrong Elesa. I left those idiots and became my own person. I didn't like their motives at all, and after a year or two, I became friends with the pokemon around me. A certain trainer who also captured the other legendary dragon at that time defeated me, and taught me what it meant to be a peacekeeper.

Elesa: Oh! I'm so sorry to hear that.. I assumed you were still apart of them since our last encounter at the amusement park in Nimbasa. I guess you're on good terms now, I'm glad you changed your image from the plasma lord to the peacekeeper.

N: I forgive you, you did a good thing back at my castle. You are a gorgeous battler with a passion for pokemon and fashion. There's no need to feel sorry.

Drayden: Anyway, it's been quite a while now and class hasn't started..
Elesa: Yeah, I agree with you! Where's the teacher...

Silver: Could you both shut up already? I'm trying to listen for the announcements on the PA.

Elesa: Excuse me? I'm not gonna listen to your mouth!
Silver: Say what you will, but it's the truth. "The Pokemon Thief".
Elesa: Hmph!

Winona: I am too wondering if the class will ever begin. It's been 20 minutes now without any knowledge of what will do today.. "The Pokemon Pilot"

Misty: Your right! I'm starting to feel nervous about all this, the school is pretty big when looking at it outside.. "The Pokemon Swimmer"

N: Guys calm down, I'm sure the teacher is just late! That's all.

Silver: "That's all"? How are YOU so sure that the teacher is late huh?
Gary: I'm with Silver on this one. Mr. Green Hair, what's your story huh?

N: My story? You probably wouldn't be interested because of the way you act. You act like a selfish child you know? I've heard many things about you Gary Oak.

Gary: Yeah? Name one for all of us pleaaaase.
N: A time where you beaten Lance for the title of champion in the Kanto region, but losing your title to Red within 24 hours. Your reign was short and you pissed off your dad I'm sure.

Gary: So what? I then became the leader of Viridian City!
N: You call yourself a leader? You may still be the leader now, but trust me when I say this! You don't have peace.

Gary: Peace? pffft. You're trying to talk smack to me now? I don't need peace.
N: Your ignorant, you have no hope or peace at all it looks like!


Drake: Boys! Calm yourselves. You don't need to talk about each other like that! It's best if you keep quiet and wait until the class starts. And Silver, stop shouting.. "The Pokemon Captain".

Silver: Drake, you don't need to tell me twice. You are an elite four member right?
Drake: Indeed I am.

N: I'm concerned honestly, who could the teacher possibly be?
Gary: Probably my dad, he's a genius when it comes to researching pokemon! Duh.

Clair: Now that you mention it, I have no idea who it could be..
Drayden: Same here, we are the only people here in the school so..

(PA starts to beep)

Silver: GUYS! The PA is beeping, let's hear what it has to say!

(Attention all students, your teacher will arrive shortly. Acknowledging this, all students must stay in the classroom. To anyone who escapes the classroom area, will immediately suffer the punishments given. Thank you for your patient).

Elesa: What was that? Such a deep voice...
Drayden: So if we leave this room, we will face a grueling punishment..

Gary: HAHAHA! What a joke that PA is. It sounds like that thing has been on drugs for years!

Roxie: Yo! That thing was like.. creepy.
Winona: That was a rather, weird experience.

Lucian: Ugh.. What's with all this ruckus going on! I'm trying to read a book here.
Volkner: Oh man, this sucks.. HEY! The windows are blocked off too!

(Classroom door shuts completely, and locks from the outside)

Bianca: Eek! What was that sound!

Volkner: What is going on here? Why are the windows blocked off with steel plates!?
N: This is rather, strange. All this peace has been ruined..

Lt. Surge: Oh my! Look's like Lt. Surge will have to beat down this door huh?
(Tries to kick down the door)

Zinnia: ?

Lt. Surge: It's no use guys, this door won't break to my powerful kicks.

Cyrus: You see, I feel like the system is trying to block us in the classroom.
N: You think so?

Cyrus: Yes! Because the way the PA just stated to us, it sounds threatening while sounding shady.

Drake: Even so, ye better watch yourselves in here.

Misty: I just wanna go swimming, I had all the time in the world..

Everyone: ???

???: My name is Arceus, and welcome to Crescent High! Woohoo..

Arceus: And yes Cyrus, you should know me by now huh?

Cyrus: !

Cyrus: No way! It can't be you.. The one that controls Dialga, Palkia and Giratina!
Arceus: You are correct, Cyrus. You're talking to the GOD OF ALL POKEMON!

Lt. Surge: Cyrus? You know this strange pokemon..? Hmph.

Roxie: O-M-G! This pokemon could possibly be on my next record album! :D
Arceus: In the name of Arceus! You shall not.

Roxie: Aww...

N: Hold on, you can speak fluently with humans?
Arceus: Indeed I can young N, I know who you are. You are a troubled individual who seeks help with becoming HOPELESS..

Arceus: In fact, you are all hopeless beings! I hate you all honestly. I've grown impatient with the world right now, all you humans do is abuse pokemon and use them for NOTHING. And here's why your all trapped in this classroom.

Bianca: Ahhhh!
Gary: Who the hell do you think you are?
Silver: ...
Clair: *gulp*
Misty: Eek!

Drake: My.. In all of my life! I haven't see the lord up close before.

Arceus: Of course you haven't you old man, I live in a world that only consists of me. I can see all legendary pokemon within my world, and see the fights that occur between them. Especially you N, you controlled the legendary Zekrom and used him for no good in the past remember?

Clair: What?
Misty: o.o
Gary: N owned a legendary? Wow, what a loser. Am I right?
Drake: You abused a legendary?
Zinnia: ...

Arceus: However, he did release Zekrom free after realizing his mistakes of being an admin of Team Plasma. I will not punish him for that, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT HERE.

Now, enough talking. Welcome to Crescent High folks and here's what going down. All 15 of you will be transported to an unknown location. From there, you will live your lives normally for all eternity!

Lt. Surge: WHAT? You're saying that we will live in a building forever?
Misty: That can't be! What about our families?

Arceus: I don't care for your families, I only care for my ultimate plan.
N: You can't do this! What's wrong with you Arceus?!

Lucian: Hmm, this is getting dangerous..
Drayden: This is not good!

Arceus: I will explain the rules later on in the day, but please keep calm. I AM YOUR LORD ARCEUS AND YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR SINS.....

Aaah! Stawp it! LIKE O-M-G!
Zinnia: ...This has gone too far..

Cyrus: Grr! You have gone too far Arceus! Stop this immediately!
Arceus: Says the one who started Team Galactic, who messed with time and space and impacted my world! You don't have a say in this.

N: You're not the real Arceus!

Volkner: This Arceus is more aggressive than ever! It can't be the real one.
Drayden: I'm afraid we are all doomed Volkner, we can't do anything..

Arceus: It's time for you all to be transported. Close your eyes now or else I will kill you. I don't want that to be honest with you, it's just no fun killing people by my hands. In 5.. 4... 3.. 2... 1... RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

2:00 PM - Dark Crescent High

Arceus: Hahaha! Only time will tell when only one of these students survive this massacre while the rest die in pure agony. It is certainly brilliant.