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Crash Battling

by Tamazarokon

Tamazarokon I'm doing this. Yas. Let's get into it!


I start to say Adrian a little into the story. This is the boy, if you didn't notice.
Don't ask me how he ended up in Tapu Koko's cave.
The boy woke up. Everything was spinning. He stood up, only to fall again. He rubbed his eyes. His sight adjusted.

The boy looked around the area. It was... different. Last thing he knew, he was sailing across the Alolan ocean. But now he was here. In this cave.

The cave was yellow. Or, with yellow outlines. There was a path laid out for the boy.

Where could I be? Adrian asked himself. He sighed. Then he shook his head.

Adrian checked his pokeballs. Only one. His trusty partner, Decidueye. Adrian shivered.

Adrian sighed again. He walked down the path. He looked around again. The only thing he could hear was his own footsteps.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. That sound repeated. Only that sound.

"TAPU-KOKOOOOOO!" The call rang out. Adrian jumped at the sudden sound. He wasn't expecting it.

Adrain started to walk forward again. He walked slower and more cautious, not knowing if the sound would go off again. It didn't.

Adrain entered a room. There was some kind of shrine. And steps. Wooden steps.

Adrain walked up them. He touched the stone.

A yellow pokemon darted down. Adrian jumped out of way.

"Koko," The Pokemon muttered. Adrian knew who this was. The one and only guardian of Melemele, Tapu Koko.

"Go, Decidueye!" Adrian shouted. He threw his pokeball. His Decidueye was released.

The battle had begun. Adrian knew this. How? The area lit up with electricicty.

"Spirit Shackle!" Adrian shouted. Decidueye charged the attack as Tapu Koko used Agility. It stopped, and Decidueye shot.

It was a direct hit. A critical hit, in fact. Adrian smirked. His smirk faded as Tapu Koko charged an attack.

Tapu Koko sent an Electro Ball flying at Decidueye. It hit Decidueye, but he didn't even flinch.

"Leaf Sword!" Adrian shouted. Decidueye summoned two swords. He slashed Tapu Koko.

"Now quickly! False swipe!" Adrian ordered. Decidueye obliged, and swiped at Tapu Koko. The Island Guardian sent out a Nature's madness.

Decidueye fell to the ground. "Get up!" Adrian yelled. Decidueye stood up. Adrian threw an Ultra Ball. Without shaking, Tapu Koko broke free. Adrian growled.

Adrian quickly threw another Ultra ball. It shook once before Tapu Koko was free. It threw another Electro Ball. Adrian threw one more. Only one shake again.

Tapu Koko let out an Agility. Adrian threw another Ultra ball. Two shakes. Another Ultra ball. Three shakes. It broke free again.

Tapu Koko let out another Nature's Madness. Decidueye looked defeated. Adrian knew one more hit would knock him out.

Adrian threw another Ultra Ball.

One shake.

Two shake.

Three shape.


Adrian walked over to his new pokemon. He smiled. He returned Decidueye. He ran out of the cave and to a Pokemon Center.